The 3 heritage buildings at Mount Sophia

Old School, Trinity Theological College & Sophia Student Hostel


Amidst the drastic changes that are taking place in the Mount Sophia, 3 iconic buildings will stand tall, without being demolished to pave way for the newcomers. The Old School, Trinity Theological College and the Sophia Students Hostel will be preserved and integrated into the new residential development, Sophia Hills.


Sophia Hills
Trinity Theological College, Sophia Student Hostel & Old School


Old School

The former Methodist Girls’ School is a significant architectural and historical piece in Mount Sophia. After the school was moved elsewhere in the city, the six buildings of the site were abandoned, until a set of entrepreneurs came up with the idea of converting it in to the ‘Old School’. The old buildings were modified and refurbished and was opened for several art and cultural organizations. This made the Old School attractive for many artsy types and made it in to an impressive platform for Singapore’s independent arts scene.

Some of the most popular art institute establishments resided in the Old School are:

  • Sinema – a stage for presenting local arts and culture
  • Osage Gallery – a place to showcase art exhibitions
  • Timbre @ Old School – a place for upcoming singers and bands



Trinity Theological College

With the objective of providing a balanced and holistic theological training to the students of the Christian ministry, the Trinity  College was established in 1948. The establishment of this religious education institute was a collaborative effort of Methodists, Anglicans, Lutherans and Presbyterians. The Trinity College was renamed to Trinity Theological College in 1954 and the Trinity Theological College Chapel building which had a distinctive roof shaped “人” (the Chinese character to resemble people) was completed in 1972. In 1998, the college relocated to a new building in Upper Bukit Timah, the school building was also made with an identical roof with the Chinese character, “人”.


Even to-date, the Trinity Theological College is committed to training missionaries, theological educators and pastors. In parallel to the teaching institute, the TTC also operates two other institutes – the center for study of Christianity in Asia and the center for the development of Christian Ministry.



Sophia Student Hostel

Over the years, the Sophia Student Hostel has been home to many university students. Located  at the corner of Adis and Sophia Roads, the building had been completed in 1941 and belonged to the Nan Hwa Girl’s School. In 1982, the school relocated to Clementi.  The campus was later renamed as San San Campus and was acquired by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) with the help of the Foochow Association. After NAFA shifted out, the building was converted to a student hostel.



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