Tampines Court collective sale hit by technical hitches

Collective sales have been quite the hit recently in Singapore. But as you can imagine, even these won’t be able to run away from glitches. Tampines Court is one of the collective sales that actually had to deal with this sort of problems. Those technical glitches mired the entire sale. The firm is engaged with the LTA as it tries to create a new link to the Pan Island Expressway. The company has to make the road improvements, otherwise they will not be able to increase the number of units.


And yes, this is the most important thing for any type of sales person at the end of the day. But it seems that the Tampines Court sale was delayed mostly because the developer is still trying to get the planning permission approval from the URA. These things are extremely important at this time, and they may end up having a major significance in the very near future.

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An impressive number of 3,664 BTO apartments are put out for sale by the Housing Board

Recently, more precisely on the 6th of February, the Housing Board started its first sale program of 2018, putting out for sale no less than 3,664 BTO apartments in four different towns. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as it is expected for a total of 17,000 BTO apartments to be released throughout the entire year. Also, the batch that is going to inaugurate this large project will include flats will be constructed in a way that will offer them the open-kitchen feature, but only where this detail is possible from an architectural point of view. And, according to the Housing Board, or HDB, the type of the units will start from two-room flats and go up to five-room flats, so that they will answer to the requirements of every home buyer.

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Singapore Stocks Decline While Property Taxes Rise

Singapore stocks started declining on February 20th after taxes were raised on home purchases over $1 million. This was just after the housing market began to recover from a 4-year low.

During early trading, the City Developments and the UOL Group fell more than 2%. They were the largest declines on the Straits Times Index. CapitaLand, the largest developer in Singapore, dropped for the first time in one week.

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Cairnhill Mansions and Riviera Point sold en bloc

Yesterday, the Cairnhill and Riviera point were 2 properties in District 9 that were sold via En Bloc Sales. The Cairnhill was sold for $362 million while the Riviera Point went for $72 million.

The Cairnhill Road development was bought by Low Keng Huat, a property developer listed in Singapore, while the Macly Group, another Singapore property developer bought the Riviera Point development at Kim Yam Road.

The Cairnhill Mansions is situated on approx. 43,103 square feet of land area and the structure is an storied building of 18 blocks of 61 apartments. Its selling price amounts to $ 2,311 per sq. ft. per plot ratio (psf ppr). Read more

Harmonizing Rules for Real Estate Developers

The urban redevelopment authority is looking for public feedback on the changes that it has made to the rules for non-residential developers. This change was made to protect the interests of those who buy incomplete industrial and commercial properties.

The benefit of such a program is three-fold. It will increase transparency, improve industry standards, and help buyers make better decisions.

The industry experts see this innovation as binding the rules for both non-residential and residential developers. This rule accords various classes of buyers the same protection under the law.

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A Surge in the Sales of Private Homes in January 2018


There has been a noted surge in the sales of private homes sold by developers in last month. The sales figure in January 2017 was 382. However, the records show that 522 private homes were sold in the last month. The records also show that there has been a significant increase (21%) in the sales of private homes in comparison to December as well. In December, 431 unitswere sold. This is said to be highest numbers achieved since January 2014. 572 units were sold during that month.


On the other hand, the sales of executive condominium (EC) has witnessed a decrease if we compare it to last year’s record. In January 2017, 184 EC units were sold. However, during January 2018, 100 EC units were sold. The number was also same in December 2017.


Surveys were conducted by Urban Redevelopment Authority – URA of licensed housing developers to gather the above-mentioned figures.


The surge in sales of private homes was termed as “healthy”. It is said to be a positive indicator since no new EC or private housing projects were launched during the last month.

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Buyer’s Stamp Duty increases from 3% to 4% for residential property above S$1 million

It was announced on the 19th February 2018 in the Singapore Budget 2018 that the Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) for residential property of more than S$1million in Singapore will be increased from 3% to 4% with effect from 20th of February 2018. This was revealed by Mr Heng Swee Keat, the Minster of Finance.


The increased in the Buyer’s Stamp Duty will affect property buyer who bought a residential unit of more than a million dollars  on 20th of Feb 2018 or onwards. However if the property purchased is below $1 million dollars, the Buyer’s Stamp Duty remained unchanged at 3%.


Below is a table for the Stamp Duty’s rate

Buyer's Stamp Duty (BSD)

Based on the purchased price or market value, whichever is higher
First $180,0001%
Next $180,0002%
Next $640,0003%
Next $500,0004%
Next $1,500,0005%
Remaining 6%


The Additional Buyer Stamp Duty is not affected and will remain the same.

Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD)

Profile Of BuyerABSD rates:
6th July 2018 - 15th Dec 2021
ABSD rates:
16th Dec 2021 - 26th Apr 2023
ABSD rates:
On or After 27th Apr 2023
Singapore Citizen Buying First Residential PropertyNilNil Nil (No Change)
Singapore Citizen Buying Second Residential Property12%17% 20% (Revised)
Singapore Citizen Buying Third and subsequent Residential Property15%25% 30% (Revised)
Singapore PR buying First Residential Property5%5% 5% (No Change)
Singapore PR buying Second Residential Property15% 25% 30% (Revised)
Singapore PR buying Third and subsequent Residential Property15%30%35% (Revised)
Foreigners buying residential property20%30% 60% (Revised)
Entities buying residential property25%
Plus Additional 5% for Developers (Non-Remittable)
Plus Additional 5% for Developers (Non-Remittable)
Plus Additional 5% for Developers (Non-Remittable)






$2.5 – $4.4 Million Going to Brookvale Park Unit Residents in Singapore

In recent news, Hoi Hup Realty and Sunway Developments, a joint partnership, made a large investment in the Brookvale Park development. According to the Hoi Hup Sunway partnership, the two-storey bungalow and private residential development located at Sunset Way provides a unique opportunity for a new condominium residential product. The reason being is that this 999-year leasehold on the land is in a central lush setting, not far from many educational institutions and the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

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The Iconic Pearl Bank, Recently Sold to CapitaLand for $728 million

Outram Park’s iconic Pearl Bank Apartments have been sold in a $728 million deal. The buyer, CapitaLand, was proud to announce its first residential land acquisition in Singapore since it last purchased a sales site that belonged to the government. The acquisition was in Bukit Timah, and CapitaLand is currently developing the Victoria Park Villas at the location.

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A New Public Park Located In Raffles Place Is Planned For Development Next Year

This wonderful 12,500 square feet public park will be another step to make the area greener and a more active people-friendly environment. The project is a part of the $1.82 billion dollar development that was formerly the Golden Shoe Carpark located on Market Street. The public park is just one part of the re-development of this area. There will be new cycle paths added along the streets which connect to the Central Area Cycling Network.


The redevelopment of the old carpark, located at 88 Market Street, into a $1.82 billion dollar unified effort conducted by CapitaLand, CapitaLand Commercial Trust, and Mitsubishi Estate.

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Oxley acquired plot in Geylang

Oxley Holdings became one of the major candidates for purchasing a 99-year-old

plot owned by Huang Shi Zong Hui Singapore in the Geylang region. There were more than 80 parties interested in this, but it seems that Oxley is the one that’s going to get it in the end. They actually purchased this for $13 million, and the plan is to make it in a mixed use development that will be named Sixteen35 residences.


This will be focused on harnessing the 22500 square feet premises. Here you can find a cultural and heritage exhibition room, a multi purpose hall, an office and meeting rooms, even a library is there as well. Oxley will basically get the apartment units for sale.


The premises will have new communal facilities, a car park in the basement and they will also include a swimming pool too. The purpose took into account all the potential in the region and the current market prices.


The vision is to make this a more appealing place and one that will subsequently pay off immensely in the long term. The clan wanted to make this place a lot more appealing and interesting, but there were no real funds. The new premises for the clan will be ready in 2021.


Is this a good investment for Oxley? Absolutely, it does manage to stand out quite a lot and it brings in front some rather unique benefits. The best part about it is that it enables the company to complete more investments in the region.


And yes, this is a place with tons of potential, which may be put to good use by Oxley. The simple fact that there were so many bidders needs to say a lot about this place and the premises as a whole. It just stands out, and it basically brings in front the type of benefits that you can rarely find anywhere else at this time.


The best thing about Oxley is that it did manage to acquire the unit. The overall price may be a bit high, but the results as a whole are more than interesting. It definitely pays off for them, as such a location does have tons of potential. It all comes down to Oxley to use this potential properly, but the results can indeed be huge. It’s a great opportunity for them to have, and one that’s always going to pay off quite a lot if it’s used rightfully!



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New launch condos that are nearby


Freehold new launches that are close by


Upcoming new condos in other parts of Singapore

3 Development Sites In Singapore Sold High, Not Tempering The Frenzy For Other Sites


City Development Limited is the highest bidder for the two housing sites at a state tender that just recently closed.  The land parcelat Handy Road went for $212 million while the other one at West Coast Vale went for or $472 million.  That equates to about $1,722 per square foot per plot ratio or psf ppr for Handy Road and $800 psf per plot ratio for the residential plot of land in West Coast Vale.


CDL is planning on developing 3 residential towers consisting of 8 to 10 stories high and approximately 200 residential units that comes with basement parking lot for the Handy Road site. They are also planning on turning the conservation structure into the development’s clubhouse for the residents.

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Developers Believe The Market Is Recovering As City Towers In Singapore Sold For $401.9 Million!

City Towers in Singapore is a freehold condo that has sold for $401.9 million. The property consists of 77 apartments and 2-story units, a penthouse, and a shop. The present residential owners are expected to receive 2.78 to 11.5 million dollars from the sale.


The price equals to $1,847 per square foot per plot ration or psf ppr. This is the amount after factoring in the development charge (DC) which is estimated to be of $3.5 million in this case.

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The difference between Singapore’s and Hong Kong’s economies is getting larger

For 24 years in a row, Singapore managed to consolidate and maintain its position as the 2nd freest economy in the world. At the moment, Hong Kong has the 1st position and it is not about to let it go. In fact, the competition between these two countries may get even worse because instead of getting closer to Hong Kong by reducing the existent gap, Singapore is getting further away, as the gap is widening. According to the Index of Economic Freedom released for the year 2008, Singapore got a score of 88.8, while its rival Hong Kong obtained 90.2. Although it may not seem much, the 1.2 difference is rather consistent, considering that it was only 0.8 last year.

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GuocoLand’s profit down 25% in Q2

While some establishments tend to be very profitable, it seems that GuocoLand Limited isn’t as lucky. GuocoLand actually got a 25% drop in its net profit, reaching 43 million in the second quarter that finalized at the end of last year. The revenue did jump around 60% to around $370 million, and that was mostly thanks to the strong sales and really good passive revenue. But as you can imagine, things like that won’t really last for a very long time.

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