Oxley acquired plot in Geylang

Oxley Holdings became one of the major candidates for purchasing a 99-year-old

plot owned by Huang Shi Zong Hui Singapore in the Geylang region. There were more than 80 parties interested in this, but it seems that Oxley is the one that’s going to get it in the end. They actually purchased this for $13 million, and the plan is to make it in a mixed use development that will be named Sixteen35 residences.


This will be focused on harnessing the 22500 square feet premises. Here you can find a cultural and heritage exhibition room, a multi purpose hall, an office and meeting rooms, even a library is there as well. Oxley will basically get the apartment units for sale.


The premises will have new communal facilities, a car park in the basement and they will also include a swimming pool too. The purpose took into account all the potential in the region and the current market prices.


The vision is to make this a more appealing place and one that will subsequently pay off immensely in the long term. The clan wanted to make this place a lot more appealing and interesting, but there were no real funds. The new premises for the clan will be ready in 2021.


Is this a good investment for Oxley? Absolutely, it does manage to stand out quite a lot and it brings in front some rather unique benefits. The best part about it is that it enables the company to complete more investments in the region.


And yes, this is a place with tons of potential, which may be put to good use by Oxley. The simple fact that there were so many bidders needs to say a lot about this place and the premises as a whole. It just stands out, and it basically brings in front the type of benefits that you can rarely find anywhere else at this time.


The best thing about Oxley is that it did manage to acquire the unit. The overall price may be a bit high, but the results as a whole are more than interesting. It definitely pays off for them, as such a location does have tons of potential. It all comes down to Oxley to use this potential properly, but the results can indeed be huge. It’s a great opportunity for them to have, and one that’s always going to pay off quite a lot if it’s used rightfully!



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