What You Need to Know about Your New Condo’s Parking Spaces

Examining recent new launch land tender details reveals that the provision of a 1-to-1 parking ratio might no longer be obligatory for private condo developers. This is contingent upon the Technical Conditions specified in the Land Tender context, particularly for sites well-connected to public transport or designated car-lite precincts. In cases where parking spaces are outnumbered by dwelling units, buyers must be informed upfront in the Option to Purchase and Sales & Purchase Agreement.

Parking Provision Standards Revision and Parking Zones

Land Transport Authority - Condo Car Parking Standards
Land Transport Authority – Condo Car Parking Standards

Starting 1st February, 2019, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) implemented the RPPS (Range-based Parking Provision Standards), providing developers with increased flexibility in establishing car parking provisions, aligning with both upper and lower bound ranges to suit development needs. This replaces the former CPS (Car Parking Standards) and RCPS (Range-based Car Parking Standards). In line with Singapore’s transition to a car lite country, developers are urged to allocate more space within condominium developments for community areas and green spaces. Singapore has witnessed notable enhancements in its public transportation system, including new MRT lines, integrated transportation hubs, cycling paths, and covered walkways. Since February 2018, LTA has adjusted the annual growth rate for vehicles like cars and motorcycles from 0.25% to 0%.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has established four distinct zones on the island under the guideline for Vehicle Parking Provision in Development. Zones 1 to 3 and Zone 4 are designated as gazetted car-lite precincts. Notably, Marina South, Kampong Bugis, Woodlands North, Bayshore, and Jurong Lake District are identified as the five new growth areas earmarked for car-lite precincts.

Land Transport Authority - Reclassification New Condo Parking
Land Transport Authority – Reclassification New Condo Parking

No More Second Car Spaces in New Launch Developments

Recent new launch condos have exhibited restricted parking provisions, with parking spaces allocated on a first-come, first-served basis or subject to separate condo parking fees, even for the first car park lot. Families with two or more cars residing in these condos may encounter recurring concerns, despite their willingness to pay for the second car parking fee. In cases requiring more than one parking lot, buyers often lean towards older development estates where an abundance of parking spaces is available. The rise of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Singapore adds another dimension, requiring developers of new launch developments to anticipate and allocate space for EV parking lots in the years ahead, aligning with Singapore’s emphasis on carbon reduction initiatives.

Reconsidering Car Parking as an Entitlement

Many private condo owners view a parking space as an entitlement when purchasing a residential unit, often paying a monthly maintenance fee of at least $300 to the Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST). Parking options range from mechanical stacking systems to underground basements, influenced by factors like land size, terrain, and development scale. Developers must carefully assess these factors to ensure a feasible, safe, and convenient parking solution for motorists. In some cases, newer developments allocate parking on a first-come, first-served basis with separate fees, while the recently implemented RPPS may affect parking provisions based on zoning location for new condo launches.

Land Transport Authority Zones Parking Standard - Condo Parking
Land Transport Authority Zones Parking Standard – Condo Parking

The LTA Code of Practice for Vehicle Parking Provision in Developments encompasses a range of specifics and criteria, including the calculation of parking lot provisions for commercial, office, hotels, and industrial developments, as well as the dimensions of parking layouts. If that topic intrigues you, it could be worth delving into for some interesting reading.