The Importance of Proximity to Schools when choosing a Property for Investment


When deciding on a property to invest in, there are many aspects to both the property itself and the surrounding area that are taken into consideration. One that is talked about but is far too often given nowhere near enough importance is the property’s proximity to schools, and in particular, good schools. This is the case the world over, but is especially so in Singapore.


Studies show that the value of a property can increase by more than 12% when it is near a highly ranked school. That is on a par if not more of a difference than is seen with the proximity to an MRT, but it rarely receives as much consideration.

Thomson Impressions
Thomson Impressions is within 1km from Top school, Ai Tong Primary School.

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Hougang EC sells very fast, within a few hours after it was launched

The property market in Singapore is finally coming back on its feet after a very long time of struggle. Hougang EC is a very good example of an executive condominium that has managed to generate quite a lot of revenue very fast.


The cool thing about this Singapore Condo is it has around 531 units in total, and it’s astonishing to see how much things have evolved in the meantime.

Hundred Palms Residences Executive Condo
Hundred Palms Residences Executive Condo

The average price of a unit was around $836, and the price continues to astonish everyone since not a lot of people have been able to get a unit at this price in Singapore. But the nice thing to note is that even if the launch was during a Sunday, Hundred Palms Residences was sold within the first 7 hours. Yes, it was sold in its entirety.

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Meyer Road condo gets sold for $69.12 million

Singapore condo sales are on a roll, with a new development, the Albracca condominium, getting sold for the amazing sum of $69.12 million. It’s the fifth deal like this during the year, and it shows that the market is coming back.


An interesting thing to explore about this Meyer Road condo is that the price was $1409 per plot ratio per sq feet. However, it’s important to note that even the owners of the Albracca didn’t expect the sale to go so well. In fact, they expected to get somewhere between 60 and 65 million, not 6millions+. So, the development was a success for them.


Albracca is a freehold condo located near the Tanjong Rhu. It has multiple apartments that vary in size. The amazing thing to note here is that the zone is residential and the Meyer Road site has around 23400 square feet. Apparently, the owners will each get around $4-$7 million from this sale. It is an incredible opportunity, and it shows the outstanding type of results that you may be able to get from selling a development here.


The apartments in this Meyer Road condo range in size. The largest one is up to 3972 square feet, whereas the smaller ones have around 1658 square feet. So yes, you have some pretty large apartments here, which means that selling them won’t be a problem at all.
Up until this point, the collective sales transaction for this year in Singapore alone was around $1.58 billion. It already surpasses the $1 billion from last year, so it’s clear that there’s plenty of excitement to be had in here.


But how was the sales process? The Albracca received dozens of bids from developers, so it was indeed a very popular site that lots of people wanted. There was a fund manager that placed a bid, alongside contractors or even some boutique developers. It shows that you can get an extraordinary amount of money from this type of transactions.


According to the real estate professionals on the market, this Meyer Road establishment is set to further help Singapore’s real estate turn around and become very profitable once again. Thankfully, the sales from recent months show that the condos in here are extremely profitable and, with the right market knowledge, you can make a fortune.


The Meyer Road condo sale shows that Singapore is indeed profitable for real estate development. Yes, there was a market crash a few years ago, and that did last for quite some time. But it’s safe to say that the market problems won’t last for a very long time. That’s extraordinary, and it brings in some really good feelings in regards to the future of this market.


Since the market transactions are getting higher and higher, we expect the next condo complex sale to go well above expectations as well. One thing is certain; it has never been so profitable to invest in Singapore real estate. So yes, we are very excited to see what the future holds in this regard!







Nearby developments near Meyer Road




Looking for new launch condos in 2019? Below are a list of Singapore condo that you can consider,


Out of 31 Cities, Singapore comes through with the – Second Worst Office Rental Prospects ever seen


Rent for the main office spaces in Singapore is said to drop to about 14%, somewhere towards the end of 2015 and 2019. Which comes through as the second worst rental drop in over 31 cities around the globe. This was brought to peoples notice when Knight Frank’s real estate company did a report on it yesterday.


Among the large supply that’s due to hit the market anytime this year or the next, the need for good office spaces still remains unsettled. This can be because of the rather slow economic growth and a not-so-supportive technological sector that seems to be thriving. These are the very organisations that are starting up shops outside of the centralised business districts.

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Numbers show that the MRT is becoming increasingly more reliable


The MRT is starting to become more and more dependable, the network managing to record more than double the distance it covered during the same period last year, before having to deal with delay within the first 5 months of the current year. Ng Chee Meng, who is the Second Minister for Transport, stated these days that the numbers indicate a good progress of the network. If from January from May 2016, the network covered only 168,000 train-km, this year, during the same months, it recorded 387,000 train-km. This statement was made at the Tuas Link MRT station, with the occasion of inaugural ceremony of the new Tuas West Extension, Ng Chee Meng saying that SBST and SMRT worked hard as operators and managed to make considerable progresses. He also reminded the fact that the future project of the Jurong Region Line is also enjoying progresses, the line being programmed to be completed in 2025.


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Woodleigh site into bidding

The latest bidding which is now in alert is the residential site which is at Woodleigh lane situated near the Bidadari housing estate. Around 15 bidders had taken part in putting a tremendous bid of $700.7 million with CEL unique development, Heeton & KSH and making it about $1,110 per square foot on a per plot ratio. Hereby clean and clear competition is seen with proof as the fight between the two bids of first and second were under a tight margin of about 0.8 percent. Not only these two bids but the other top four bids were on a tight competition as well with a 3.6 percent tight margin.


At present, units which are available near to this place are indeed being sold for a lesser price than this. At just an average price of $1,400 per square feet Forest Woods and Poiz residences were offering this rate as a fairly good mark. A mixed used Bidadari site was put to bid by Kajima development and Singapore press holdings at a rate of $1,181 per square feet.

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Financial Crises over the Last 30 Years

Since the invention of money, there has been financial insecurity, bad debts and economic collapse, and over the last century or so, rarely has a decade passed without some area of the world reeling from one financial crisis or another. More often than not, these are short lived and only affect a specific region/industry/market (for example the dotcom bubble, the Indian Economic Crisis of 1990/91, and the Chinese Stock Market crashes of 2015 and 2016). It is when it spreads to other nations, economic systems and even becomes a global phenomenon that it really makes the economists and historians sit up. Here we look back at three of the biggest to hit the world and Asia over the last three decades.



Global Financial Crisis

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Tenants who reside at office tower asked to leave by the end of the year.

The landlord of the Hub Synergy Point near Anson Road in Tanjong Pagar district has future plans of redeveloping the entire tower by 2018. Therefore the tenants of this tower have been asked to leave soon. The office tower is said to be 44 years old situated within the financial district. It is an unfortunate situation for some tenants who have moved in recently by spending around $100,000 on renovation and now being asked to leave. It has brought unhappiness to these tenants who have to sacrifice all their newly renovated area and leave the place.



Late period of May, notifications have been sent to the tenants of this office tower. The notifications of this situation have reached around 30 or so tenants. The owner of the 28 storey office tower has indeed taken the responsibility to inform all of his tenants about the change about to happen next year. The new building is planned and suggested to be completed within the year of 2020. As soon as all the tenants leave this space, work will soon begin as planned.

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Land supply raised

There would probably be more development sites which would be further available in order to meet the ultimate demand for lands from the developers who show keen reactions to capitalise on getting property market recovered. But analysts also go on to warn that the slight stick of supply for nearly about next five to six months may not be sufficient enough in order to satisfy these developers and specially for the ones who have been aggressively engaging in bids recently for the sites.


The Government land sales programme consists of around 16 sites for the second half of this year. These could be added up to about 8,125 privatised homes, which is up from 7,465 units which was released in the first 6 months of 2017.


There is a demand for even more residential plots to ensure that they possess an adequate or appropriate pipeline supply for new private housing projects in order to meet the demands and needs of the growing population in future. Whilst keeping this in mind, the demand for new private homes have risen in just no time. This new allocation is deemed as conservative which is stated by market watchers as it is felt that it is impossible to meet the demand of developers as well.

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A 3 month minimum rental period for private homes

It has been confirmed and finally announced formally by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) that the minimum rental period would be made shorter from six months to three months. This statement was formally announced on the 30th of June 2017 in a press release.


This this decision has been declared by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) due to a rapid increase in demand by groups and individuals looking for accommodation for very short periods which ranges from three to six months. Students who visit local institutes, professionals on working projects, academics are some other common parties who are included to join in these short term stay in Singapore.

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Executive Condos – A Good Investment?

Though the property market in Singapore as a whole is still sluggish, there are pockets within it that are performing well, one of those being Executive Condos (EC’s). The government’s decision to widen the pool of perspective investors/buyers by raising the income ceiling of anyone interested in purchasing one from S$12,000 to S$14,000 has certainly helped demand, and their position, neatly situated in between traditional HDB properties and private condos does make them an attractive proposition for an increasing number of people, particularly those with one eye on an investment.


Hundred Palms Residences EC
Hundred Palms Residences EC is the latest Executive Condo released in the market. A highly anticipated development as it is one of the few EC’s that is located in the city fringe area.

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Stamp Duty for Rental Properties


Stamp duty is not just something that needs to be paid when buying a property, it is also something that needs to be taken into consideration – and indeed paid – when renting a Singapore property or part of a property. Here is a comprehensive guide, on what to pay, when to pay, and how to pay, plus some important advice on avoiding potential legal issues if any dispute arises.



Who has to pay the Stamp Duty in a Rental Agreement?

It is the tenant who is liable for stamp duty in Singapore, when he or she rents part or the whole of a residential property, or when they agree to extend or renew the tenancy agreement for said property.

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High Involvement of Technology within the Property Sector

The real-estate sector was away from embracing the rapid technological developments, but their interest has shifted towards the technological revolution as many of the traditional industries who didn’t embrace the technology have shifted to a whole new level of technological involvement. Some people believe that this change is being driven by the digital natives and the executives from the new generation. The all new term to define this theory is known to be “proptech” which is similar to “fintech”. It should be noted that big data in the form of distributed databases (block chain technology) plays a crucial role in the context of technology within the property sector. They have also shifted their attention towards employing robots as receptionists.

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Freeholder Property Owners Served with Eviction Notices in MacPherson


One of the advantages of freehold property as opposed to leasehold is that the building and the land is yours, there is no clock ticking meaning decisions will have to be made some time in the future, and the value is dependent almost purely on market forces, not the ever decreasing amount of time that remains on the lease. Or so we have always been led to believe. It is not quite that black and white however, just ask the residents of Merpati Road in MacPherson.


Eviction Order
Eviction Order

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