Some residential homes in Tiong Bahru converted for commercial purposes

According to the latest developments, it seems that around 28 residential units in Tiong Bahru will be converted into residential homes with commercial shops on the ground floor.

The URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) are looking to convert 28 of the residential units to retail shops. The change is designed to offer transparency for the commercial use and it’s also designed to serve the visitors and residents in a professional manner. Currently, the charming Tiong Bahru estate hosts 800 residential homes and 120 commercial businesses.

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Bidadari to Welcome Park Colonial Condo Very Soon

The time is changing and so is the lifestyle of the people. People are now preferring to live in places where they can get all the comforts and a decent gathering. This is where Singapore is not backing off as they are welcoming something new and exciting in the residential sector, the Park Colonial Condominium. Continue reading to know more about this place!

A new launch condominium in Bidadari called Park Colonial will be open for the people for a preview from this weekend. The sales will be starting from 14th of July. The building is developed by three estate developers, CEL Development, Heeton Holdings and KSH Holdings. The estate occupies the area of 19,547 sq. meters whereas it will consist of six towers with 805 residential units.

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Mixed development in Woodleigh

For real estate investors interested in the first ever private mixed residential-commercial development in Bidadari estate, good news is finally here. The Woodleigh complex is said to flag off sometime in September this year. The gigantic edifice will boast approximately 680 condo apartments. The developer consists of 28,000 square meter retail gross area. This project is handled by one of the best retail firms in Singapore: The Singapore Press Holdings in addition to the support Kajima Development. Kajima Development is a developer from Japan.


Also known as the Woodleigh Residences and Mall, resident condominium units will go for as much as $2,000 in a two, three and four bedroom setting per square foot. The SPH Chairman, Lee Boon Yang is hopeful that this real estate innovation will transform ordinary land into a structure suitable for residents to make their homes. He also made it known that the condominium is built in the best convenient surroundings and equipped with state of the art mall. Read more

Developer releasing 30 units in Nim Collection


Bukit Sembawang Estates is releasing a private residential project this year. They are launching 30 for sale. There were a total of 47 units in the first phase of this development. the average selling price for this new launch landed houses range from $2.8mil to about $3million


The 99 year leasehold development is among the first few residential development in Singapore that uses the envelope control guidelines. These are bringing in a lot of flexibility when it comes to the interior configuration and design. The guidelines have multiple micro controls and that’s quite a unique perspective in this regard.

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New land parcel at West Coast Vale

A new residential plot will soon be released for tender by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). The plot is located along West Coast Valve and is just adjacent to the previous new launch condo, Parc Riviera.


Located along West Coast Valve, this land parcel is standing within a high-rise private residential enclave, Other than the upcoming Parc Riveria, it is also surrounded by private condominiums such as The Clement Canopy (new launch condo), Botannia, Infinity and etc.

West Coast Vale Land Parcel (Source: URA)
West Coast Vale Land Parcel (Source: URA)

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The Latest Residential Land Development In Buangkok

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)  is now offering excellent opportunities for development in Buangkok. This northeastern area of Singapore offers convenient access to many recreational sites and exceptional room for future growth.

URA has a great vision for this area, turning it into a one-stop locale that will be readily connected to major hubs including the Seletar Aerospace Park and the Punggol Digital District. Both of these facilities are presently in the works. The plan also proposes a future child care center, community club, and the Hawker Center. The entire designing process is focusing on easy accessibility for private residents and public enterprises.

Located at the intersection of Sengkang Central and Compassvale Bow, the planning area is conveniently next door to the Buangkok MRT Stations and bus service.

Location of Land Parcel
Location of Land Parcel


Community Gatherings & Events:

With the combination of so many amenities and retail outlets, this location will be a prototype for the larger Buangkok neighbourhood The blueprints will provide public areas that are easily accessed by the bus service and offer people an excellent area for gathering and having social events.

The redevelopment of this area will be designed to meet the requirements of its residents while emphasizing the plans for the larger Buangkok area. The larger Buangkok area presently offers both private and public residences including Compassvale Helm, Esparina Residences, Atrina, Jewel @ Buangkok, and Aspella to name a few.


Public & Residential Friendly:

The completed project will offer streets designed for pedestrians to create a comfortable and exciting street-life environment, cycling, walking, and excellent transportation to and fro. The private residential units will be nearby the MRT Station and Bus Interchange for residences to easily travel to other areas of Singapore.


Architecture Takes On The Tropics:

Singapore is a tropical environment and the developers believe this should be incorporated into the design throughout the community and transportation. This project will emphasize Singapore’s rich background of its natural tropical climate.


How Proposals Are Awarded To The Highest Bidder:

Under the Concept and Price Revenue system, contractors must submit their proposals and pricing separately in different envelopes. Their proposals must layout the contractor’s development plans and will then be evaluated on the following requirements:

• The Overall Quality of Their Designs
• The Overall Quality of the Public Area
• The Contractor’s Track Record

Further information regarding the details of the concept and price revenue can be found under Part VII of the Technical Conditions of Tender.

The committee for the proposals will evaluate the plans against the criteria. Proposals that satisfy the committee and are accepted will be posted by the CEC (Concept Evaluation Committee). The process will then began again through their second phase.

The second phase covers the price proposals for acceptable plans are then taken into consideration. Once these two phases are completed, the site will then be awarded to the highest bidder.

URA is presently offering an exceptional opportunity for developers to embark on a brand new concept for residential and public facilities. Buangkok could be a flagship for other communities in the very near future.



New launch condo and Executive Condo that is nearby to this upcoming integrated development.


New launches in other part of Singapore

Redeveloped Properties Are On The Rise In Sengkang



More and more Singapore Condos have been taken over by developers, revamped, and being placed back on the market.  One such condo is Parc Bonannia which is through Sing Holdings and will go on sale in Nov 2017.  This condominium offers one, two, three, four, and five bedroom units that range from 431 sq ft to 1,679 sq ft.    Pricing runs from $1,280 per sq foot and up.


  • One-bedrooms start at $548,00
  • Two-bedrooms start at $738,000
  • Three-bedrooms will run from $1.04 mil on up
  • Four-bedroom will run from $1.3 mil on up
  • Five-bedroom will run from 1.6 mil on up

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A daring project will emerge on Beach Road after GuocoLand grabbed the available commercial site

A commercial site was put out for sale by the URA, the parcel with a surface of 950,593 sq. ft. having specific guidelines to be respected by the developer that will win the bid. According to URA, the future development could have up to 45 stories, although the majority of the space available must be dedicated to the making of offices. More precisely, 70% of the development has to be used in this direction, while the rest could easily be utilized for the making of residences, hotel, or shops, according to the future plans of the developer. In this case, we are talking about GuocoLand, the developer that won the bid for this site by paying $1.622 billion for it.


Five different bidders competed for this land, the bid of GuocoLand being the highest of all on the 28th of September, the date at which the tender closed. There are already two developments in the area that have mixed uses, the Duo and South Beach Tower, which points out toward the direction the new development is most likely to take as well. And whoever made this prediction was not wrong, the winning bidder announcing that the new development will be created to answer to the changing trends concerning work-live-play spaces. The main mission behind this daring project is to turn the district into a touristic and business venue at the same time.

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The biggest freehold collective sale in Singapore was the Amber Park

Singapore is a place where surprises can happen when you least expected. Records exist, with the purpose of making predictions and plans, but, apparently, these records don’t always reflect the current reality. The same happened in the case of Amber Park, a development that managed to break the records ever set in Singapore when it came to freehold collective sales. Located in the Amber Gardens and offering no less than 200 units, the beautiful development was sold for the incredible sum of $906.7 million to the Hong Leong Group. Cityzens Development and Hong Realty are the two companies from this group, with private ownership, which bid for this development and won. What will happen to Amber Park? Well, most certainly it will be redeveloped into something more spectacular.

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The sale of the former Zouk began after a bidder committed to offering a price of $689 million

On the 29th of September, the Urban Development Authority officially announced that a developed filled an application to purchase the housing parcel available where the former Zouk stands today, on the Jiak Kim Street. Apparently, this bidder took the commitment to offer at least $689 million for the property, which led to URA deciding to put the parcel up for sale. With a surface that exceeds 13,000 square metre, the former Zouk could easily have a height of 36 levels and provide a number of 525 beautiful apartments for the residents of Singapore.

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Will The Largest Former HUDC Estate, Braddell View, Become A Part Of collective Sales?

There are several HUDC estates that are close to getting on board the proverbial bandwagon for collective sales. The largest in question is Braddell View which will take a great deal of capital investments to complete.


HUDC or Housing and Urban Development Company are housing properties that are unique to Singapore and cater to a class of people who can afford better housing vs the typical public housing. Here are some estates that are on the horizon of making changes:

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A popular nightspot in Jiak Kim Street is available for sale

A spot that used to attract high numbers of people that were looking for entertainment in the evening, Zouk is now a location that is up for sale for any developer that is interested in investing in the area. The glory days of this location on the Jiak Kim Street are over, as a new chapter waiting to be opened by the developer that is going to bid the biggest sum to get this particular spot. The tender is about to open soon, so everybody interested in this particular sale should prepare a strategy that will provide the desired results.


How did it all start? A few months ago a developer that was interested in Zouk’s location promised to bid at least $689.4 million to get it. Seeing that there is a significant interest in this particular location, it was considered suitable for a tender to take place. The site has a total area of 13,482 sq. meters, each sq. foot having a starting price of $1,250, considering the bid mentioned previously. Specialists think that the space provided by the former Zouk is more than enough for a residential project that foresees 36 stories, which means an approximate number of 525 apartments and a ground floor that could easily have a commercial purpose.

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Land supply raised

There would probably be more development sites which would be further available in order to meet the ultimate demand for lands from the developers who show keen reactions to capitalise on getting property market recovered. But analysts also go on to warn that the slight stick of supply for nearly about next five to six months may not be sufficient enough in order to satisfy these developers and specially for the ones who have been aggressively engaging in bids recently for the sites.


The Government land sales programme consists of around 16 sites for the second half of this year. These could be added up to about 8,125 privatised homes, which is up from 7,465 units which was released in the first 6 months of 2017.


There is a demand for even more residential plots to ensure that they possess an adequate or appropriate pipeline supply for new private housing projects in order to meet the demands and needs of the growing population in future. Whilst keeping this in mind, the demand for new private homes have risen in just no time. This new allocation is deemed as conservative which is stated by market watchers as it is felt that it is impossible to meet the demand of developers as well.

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Eunosville may make way for 1,399 new homes

The collection of sales made over here in the market is striving to steer ahead along with potential sales of private organisations for a sum of $765 million, estate Eunosville. This could be one of the 2nd highest price being imposed for a property like this.


Eunosville, which consists of 330 units, which is being built in the late 1980’s could expand to having around 1,399 units altogether with the new project proposal brought up.


Surprisingly the particular site has been given away or else been bought by a Jardine Matheson holding unit, land MCL at a ridiculous price which was not made to be expected at all.


This has been one of the 4th most successful sale within this year in spite working on to recover developer’s residential property optimism.


The highest achieved sale which stands in second place is Eunosville, which is situated nearby the MRT station of Eunos. After it was sold by Farrer Court for a sum of $1.34billion in the year 2007,   stated by Orangetee marketing agents. It Was Indeed the second try of the estates after the unsuccessful result of a bid in 2013.


More than 17 percent stands as the premium which the owners had insisted in having for $643 million towards $653 million.


Constant rise in market improvements are also seen in sales for primary homes, which makes developers to start creating strategic level acquisitions over land in order to create a position for them self towards a recovery in the current market.


Eight potential bidders were attracted towards competitive market bids over the area between Changi road and Sims Avenue. This was for the tender of 376,713 sq. Stated by Mr.Oh to the Straits Times.


In a whole with all inclusive of government extra charges being added, the cost accumulates to an amount of $909 per Square feet for a single plot. The state accepts these payables in order to intensify the use of land to a gross amount ratio of 2.8 along with adding up a lease to 99years freshly.


As mentioned before that this project was built in the late years of 1980’s, 71 years have been laid on as the lease. Towards six complete residential blocks and also four complete walk by apartment plots which includes 75 units.


OrangeTee stated that each and every owner will possess the right of getting about $2.25million to about $2.41million towards completing the deal which is subjected to a particular sales condition.


One of the resident named Mr Ben Ong, who has been a loyal resident of Eunosville for the last 17 years is in a very sentimental condition about leaving although he is aware and identifies that the old structure is now in need of renovation.


It is indeed a very sad situation said Mr. Ben Ong. As this is the place where they brought up their children and not forgetting to mention that, the location is so convenient for them as well. Therefore for the resident, he may want to purchase an apartment unit here after the new structure is put up in the near future.


CBRE consultancy office stated that the newly completed units will be put out for sale for an average sum of $1,700 to almost $1,750 per single square feet.


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New Launch Condo in Singapore that are near to MRT station


Upcoming new launch condos