The Latest Residential Land Development In Buangkok

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)  is now offering excellent opportunities for development in Buangkok. This northeastern area of Singapore offers convenient access to many recreational sites and exceptional room for future growth.

URA has a great vision for this area, turning it into a one-stop locale that will be readily connected to major hubs including the Seletar Aerospace Park and the Punggol Digital District. Both of these facilities are presently in the works. The plan also proposes a future child care center, community club, and the Hawker Center. The entire designing process is focusing on easy accessibility for private residents and public enterprises.

Located at the intersection of Sengkang Central and Compassvale Bow, the planning area is conveniently next door to the Buangkok MRT Stations and bus service.

Location of Land Parcel
Location of Land Parcel (Future Buangkok Condo)


Community Gatherings & Events:

With the combination of so many amenities and retail outlets, this location will be a prototype for the larger Buangkok neighbourhood The blueprints will provide public areas that are easily accessed by the bus service and offer people an excellent area for gathering and having social events.

The redevelopment of this area will be designed to meet the requirements of its residents while emphasizing the plans for the larger Buangkok area. The larger Buangkok area presently offers both private and public residences including Compassvale Helm, Esparina Residences, Atrina, Jewel @ Buangkok, and Aspella to name a few.


Public & Residential Friendly:

The completed project will offer streets designed for pedestrians to create a comfortable and exciting street-life environment, cycling, walking, and excellent transportation to and fro. The private residential units will be nearby the MRT Station and Bus Interchange for residences to easily travel to other areas of Singapore.


Architecture Takes On The Tropics:

Singapore is a tropical environment and the developers believe this should be incorporated into the design throughout the community and transportation. This project will emphasize Singapore’s rich background of its natural tropical climate.


How Proposals Are Awarded To The Highest Bidder:

Under the Concept and Price Revenue system, contractors must submit their proposals and pricing separately in different envelopes. Their proposals must layout the contractor’s development plans and will then be evaluated on the following requirements:

• The Overall Quality of Their Designs
• The Overall Quality of the Public Area
• The Contractor’s Track Record

Further information regarding the details of the concept and price revenue can be found under Part VII of the Technical Conditions of Tender.

The committee for the proposals will evaluate the plans against the criteria. Proposals that satisfy the committee and are accepted will be posted by the CEC (Concept Evaluation Committee). The process will then began again through their second phase.

The second phase covers the price proposals for acceptable plans are then taken into consideration. Once these two phases are completed, the site will then be awarded to the highest bidder.

URA is presently offering an exceptional opportunity for developers to embark on a brand new concept for residential and public facilities. Buangkok could be a flagship for other communities in the very near future.



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