Increased in sales of landed homes

The total amount of landed homes is increasing at a very rapid pace, in fact we are witnessing the largest number of deals when compared to the first few months this year. If it continues, it may very well be the biggest number for the past few years too, which is very interesting.


According to property consultants, this surge comes from the residential market recovery. The landed property prices were a bit too high for the past few years. However, there’s a strong buying activity at this time, and the pent up demand is very good too.

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Implications of the New OCBC Bank and StarHub Partnership

It is a meeting of minds between two of Singapore’s very best companies, two industry leaders, which could have wide ranging implications for business in the city state. OCBC Bank and StarHub have decided to form a partnership which could bring several benefits to their customers.


OCBC Bank, as the reader would know is the largest bank in Singapore, formed in 1932, which boasts of an Aa1 rating from Moody’s – which is the highest given to any bank in the world. According to Bloomberg Markets OCBC Bank has the strongest financial structure in the global banking industry.


OCBC Bank has over 500 branches in more than 15 countries, including in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Indonesia. They offer a range of specialist financial services including corporate, consumer, insurance, stock broker and asset management services.

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En bloc may not eventually bring in increased property price


Recently, we have seen a surge on collective sales, and a lot of people suspect that these may bring in a higher price as a whole. But will this happen or not? As you can imagine, something like this is very hard to say, however it seems that the larger demand will not have a huge impact on home prices.


Analysts are stating that more and more customers are focusing on private home sales, and it goes to show that the demand is many times higher than a few years ago. There are 2 reasons why these sales tend to be so popular right now, one of them being the fact that developers are trying to get more money to acquire new pieces of land to work on. There are around 17200 unsold units now too, when compared to 40000 last year, so there is indeed a huge difference as a whole.

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New property buying restrictions for foreign buyers in New Zealand

New Zealand seems to be dealing with some market problems at this time. The issue comes from foreign speculators that are constantly trying to make money off the market. And the problem is that locals are hardly finding the right models for them, so it’s crucial to optimize the market and cool it down as fast as possible.


There will be a bit of a hassle when it comes to doing that, but in the end the experience can be more than rewarding. The challenge is that prices have surged to the point where it’s very hard for younger persons to get a home here. The law change will obviously put a stop on buying more than a single building in a specific amount of time.

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More farms and rooftop gardens soon be found residential developments


Singapore has recently announced they will be launching city farms and rooftop gardens to add a natural,  eco-friendly environment to the area.


During a landscape designing event, the second minister of national development made the announcement.  He went on to say that this landscaping project has a goal to reintroduce natural surroundings that were destroyed with the over-development of high rises.  This project will bring back needed greenery landscaping that will enhance the city’s environment.


This project was first introduced to the city in 2009 encouraging developers to turn buildings and areas into eco-friendly environments and in turn get bonuses and exemptions for their efforts.  It was pointed out that this project could open up more spaces for green, lush, natural community areas.


Some Singapore Condos now have green walls that control temperatures and this concept is becoming extremely popular around the city.  Another positive outcome of the program will allow people to take up farming and gardening close to their homes including directly on their rooftops.  Developers are quickly discovering by turning rooftops into gardens, everyone will win.


One developer pointed out that by using an eco-friendly approach will attract residential buyers to purchase their properties.  People, in general, want nature closer to their city dwellings and this program seems to be just what residents and developers are looking for.


A scheme will be implemented to determine how much greenery will be brought into the project.  They will need to determine just how much nature will be appropriate and appealing.  Developers will have the opportunity to decide the level of greenery needed for the areas given to them for their projects.

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Coney Island

Also known as Serangoon Island/Pulau Serangoon, Coney Island is a piece of land laying off the coast between Punggol and  Pulau Ubin. It may be small – the island measures just 133ha – but it has a story worth telling, and has recently come once again into the public’s consciousness with the recent (October 2015) opening of the Coney Island Park, and its integration into the Park Connector Network.  Today joggers, cyclists and nature enthusiasts can access the nature reserve via two bridges that connect it to the mainland, one on each of its tips, whereas in days gone by the only way on and off the island was via boat.


The one thing Coney Island is probably most well-known for is as the former home of Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par – the two Burmese impresarios behind the Tiger Balm story. They bought the island, lock stock and barrel in 1936, but short of building the Haw Par Beach Villa they did very little else with it. That cannot be said of Ghulam Mahmood the Indian entrepreneur who bought it from them in 1950. Mahmood, was maybe ahead of his time, and in a precursor to what would eventually happen not too far away at Sentosa, he had grand schemes to turn the island into an amusement park, Asia’s equivalent of New York’s Coney Island. Accommodation was built, along with a dance hall, bars and a restaurant, but his dreams were never realised. Despite its new title, it didn’t live up to its namesake and just 3 years later the island was put up for auction.


Over the subsequent five decades the island fell back into obscurity while more than doubling in size due to reclamation efforts. The government, who retook ownership of the island, twice tabled plans to turn it once more into a recreation venue, but neither time it came to fruition.  The creation of the park however has given the island a new lease of life, and though the activities may not be as decadent as those envisaged by Mr Mahmood, the island has once again become a place for Singaporeans and visitors alike to visit and enjoy.


Once on the island there is nothing much to do apart from take in the peaceful and natural surroundings, and enjoy being close to nature. The 2.4km path that runs the length of the island and is part of the PCN, has several small rough paths running off it taking you to each of Coney Island’s five beaches. These may not be large, but they have been left as nature intended and are very picturesque as a result.  Elsewhere on the island, there is a boardwalk that allows visitors to explore the mangrove swamp. The original beach villa can also be visited though only as part of a guided tour due to its perilous state.


The only permanent residents on the island today are a rich and varied collection of wildlife, including as many as 80 different species of bird, as well as otters and long tailed macaques. Apart from the original owners of the island the next most famous resident was a Brahman cow, who sadly passed away in 2016.



Love Mother Nature? Below are some new launch condos that are close to parks and lakes.

Residential development at Balmoral Rd up for En Bloc

 More and more collective sales are on the market right now, and this is a marvelous thing. The 11 Balmoral Rd up for collective sale for $75m asking price unit seems to be quite impressive now, since all owners for this freehold development with 17 units are ok with the sale.


Apparently, the owners are asking for $75 million in total. Apparently, the asking price is around $1761 for square feet, which is pretty good considering the location of this development as a whole.


The development charge payable seems to be in the region of $10 million or so, but this is subject to confirmation as there’s no real confirmation from the authorities at this time. The first collective sale took place many years ago, and right now it seems that the collective sales are pretty much on fire. Which is a good thing, as they offer some amazing new ways for people to get some good results from this type of properties.

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New GLS lands released by URA

Recently, the URA showcased a release for some of the latest residential sites on sale. There’s a new site at the Chong Kuo road which has around 4282 square meters, and there’s also one of around 5722 square meters too, which is on the Cuscaden Road.


Having 2 major establishments like this for sale is amazing. The latter one is now available for application under the reserve list. The tender will most likely be triggered when there’s a developer submission that’s acceptable.


Residential site at Cuscaden Road
Residential site at Cuscaden Road


Residential site at Chong Kuo Road
Residential site at Chong Kuo Road

The Orchard Road parcel can offer around 100 apartments and the building height is up to 100 meters maximum. It really is a tremendous, unique experience to have so many great sales and the reality is that both of these residential sites will be a rather easy sell. That being said, you can expect this to be a wonderful and very distinct place where people could find their own home.


It seems that 2 more sites will actually be available until the end of this year, so it’s safe to say that more and more developers will want to get involved into this initiative. It’s definitely going to help the region a lot, because new developments are always bringing in things like economic growth and other stellar benefits.


Adding in the right developments to a region is tricky, and selecting the best developers for the job is even trickier. But it can be done for sure, and it’s one of the things which can make a whole lot of a difference for sure. But then again, that’s what really makes the experience worth it, and hopefully we will see some new developments on this sector.


The fact that the government has ramped up supply for the development sites is very nice. Sure, there’s a smaller stock of unsolved homes right now, but the release of new establishments like this is really interesting and downright impressive. It definitely shows how amazing it is to invest in this type of property. And yes, thankfully, the investments are becoming better and better at this particular time.


That’s the reason why the URA has quite a lot of residential sites on the reserve list, and we can expect even more to appear rather soon. It all comes down to the way they will harness all of these great features, but there’s a lot of value to be had with this approach. And yes, we are bound to see more developments like these rather soon!


Refer to the links below for more info,





New launches that are near Cuscaden Road


New launch condos close to Chong Kuo Road

The upcoming Pearlbank Apartments collective sales

There are some places like the Pearlbank Apartments that will be able to sell very well with the right amount of investment. And yes, the Pearlbank Apartments is here for a fourth collective sale attempt.


In order for a property to be listed on the market, around 80% of all owners need to be ok with this, and Pearlbank Apartments did pass the 80% mark recently. Thankfully, this means we will have a collective sale bid for Pearlbank Apartments, which seems to be placed at around $728 million or so. This is a very interesting bid for sure, considering that this is an older building in Singapore and one of the tallest ones when it was created.

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Redeveloped Properties Are On The Rise In Sengkang



More and more Singapore Condos have been taken over by developers, revamped, and being placed back on the market.  One such condo is Parc Bonannia which is through Sing Holdings and will go on sale in Nov 2017.  This condominium offers one, two, three, four, and five bedroom units that range from 431 sq ft to 1,679 sq ft.    Pricing runs from $1,280 per sq foot and up.


  • One-bedrooms start at $548,00
  • Two-bedrooms start at $738,000
  • Three-bedrooms will run from $1.04 mil on up
  • Four-bedroom will run from $1.3 mil on up
  • Five-bedroom will run from 1.6 mil on up

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Bedok is both a planning area and a town located in Singapore’s East Region. By population it is the largest planning area on the island, with almost 290,000 residents calling it home. In area it covers 2,157 ha (8.37 square miles), and has the coastline as one of its boundaries, as well as the planning areas of Paya Lebar, Hougang, Tampines, Geylang and Marine Parade.

Bedok Town
Artist Impression of Bedok Town (Source: HDB)


Historically, Bedok is significant as it is one of the few place names in Singapore that still exists from the days of Sir Stamford Raffles, as evidenced by its presence in the map of the island drawn up in 1828. The history of Bedok actually goes back considerably further however. Manuel Godinho de Erédia’s 1604 map of Singapore features Sune Bodo, referring to the modern day Sungei Bedok. Bedok is thought to derive its name from the Malay word for drum – bedoh (pronounced bedok), referring to the large slit drums that were used to call worshippers to prayer. There is an alternative argument however that suggests it actually comes from the Malay word biduk, meaning a small fishing boat or canoe, that would have been prevalent along the east coast at that time, due to the large number of fishing villages that were dotted along the shore.

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Sembawang – Hanging on to its Roots

There are many things that are unique about Sembawang. Most, if not quite all of them are down to its location. It is perched on the northern most tip of Singapore’s North Region, and is the most northerly part of the nation. In fact, it is much closer to Johor Bahru (just a kilometre away over the Straits of Johor) than it is to Singapore’s CBD.


Sembawang Park
Sembawang Park (Source: BCA)


Much of its history, character and charm comes from its relationship with the sea, but its name is very much land based in nature, which is believed to come from the local name for the Mesua ferruginea tree – the Sembawang, some examples of which are still dotted around the area. Sembawang is also home to Singapore’s only mainland natural hot spring. Its waters, which can be accessed via nearby taps, are still taken by visitors every day, and are said to be able to relieve such ailments as arthritis and eczema.

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HDB set to cut the relate transaction time in half

Reselling or just selling can take up to 16 weeks, but HDB is set to cut that amount of time in half. The way they want to do that is via a revamped HBD portal that will work faster and better. The focus here is on making sure that you deal with less appointments, and at the same time it will showcase the HDB resale transaction trove to give you the very best experience and results.


It seems that the entire thing is rather serious, and the focus here is on making sure that people get to sell or resale a home a lot faster. It seems that this will also make the process of conducting eligibility checks or filing transactions a whole lot easier. This also means that the documents can be uploaded and verified online.

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80,000 Singaporeans set to receive construction technology training until 2025


According to the BCA, they are set to train 80,000 Singaporeans until 2025 in order to make sure that the latest construction technologies are used in a proper and affordable manner. Apparently, in the past few years there was a dwindling interest from the younger Singaporeans when it comes to this industry. However, the focus here is on offering a lot more training and better pay for the locals.


Instead of dealing with people from outside the country that deliver a lower quality of work, opting for a better quality delivered in your own country is definitely a very good idea. That being said, the market conditions are quite demanding to be honest, and that’s why making sure that you harness them in a good manner can be a very good idea.


While it can be taxing for the economy in the beginning, adding 80,000 Singaporeans to the construction technology workforce is certainly for the better. It really goes to show that including things like this is set to work a lot in the end, and it will surely offer you a tremendous quality for the local constructions. Right now, there are still some issues to be dealt with, so removing those in a proper manner is a priority and a pivotal one for sure.


Using new technologies like PPVC for example has managed to turn the tide of construction and engineering in Singapore. The constructions are created pretty much like giant LEGOs, with each new piece being put in order to deliver a tremendous quality and value all the time.


And by investing in manpower, there will be less work incidents, faster completion times and a cleaner construction site as well. These are things that the local government wants to implement and the BCA is certainly going to provide that sort of idea for sure. It’s a delightful and distinct approach for you to have, but at the same time it will end up bringing in tremendous quality and value in the near future for the people that want to join this approach.


Apparently, this means that Singapore doesn’t want to get more foreign workers. That doesn’t mean the current workers would be fired. The focus here is on keeping the same level of quality and value, all while making sure that the results would be a whole lot better in the end. There are lots of foreign workers with work permits here, so making sure that locals get to have this sort of feature is very important.


You have to keep in mind that adding 80,000 Singaporeans to the industry will be a huge step, but hopefully this will be backed up with a large budget and younger people would eventually see the value and quality that is set to be delivered here. For now, we can only hope that the results will be good and this implementation will have some great results. It all sounds very well, and a focus on local professionals is always important to be had!




New launch condos in Singapore




Developments that will be obtaining TOP