The URA makes a new proposal for short-term rental apartments

Private properties offered for rent in the Airbnb-style, meaning that people can choose to rent them on short terms like a few days or weeks, are quite popular. This enables people not just to visit various parts of the world at smaller prices, but also to get a better feel for the local atmosphere of each place they visit. Thus, the URA wants to make things easier by setting a new rule for this type of rental services. So, according to the new proposal made by the URA recently, concerning short-term stays in rented private units, owners can do so only if the owners of a development reach an agreement in a proportion of 80% the allowance of this kind of rentals. In other words, Airbnb-style rentals can be made in a development only with the consent of most owners and if the development is registered for such a purpose.

According to the URA, this new framework will be applicable only in the case of developments that present common property. So, only if 80% of the owners of a development agreement to have units that serve this purpose will make it possible for people to rent private properties for short terms in a particular development. If we think about it well, this is not a new threshold, as it is also used in the case of en-bloc sales of developments around Singapore. Once the management council of a development makes such an endorsement, it will be active for no longer than 2 years. After this period passes, the endorsement will have to be renewed. But, if the percentage of owners fail to reach 80% at the renewal of the endorsement them it will not be remade and, therefore, will stop being valid.


Besides this proposal, the URA mentioned that it is interested in taking a closer look at how short-termed rentals will affect the surrounding communities. Out of this reason, it is very likely that this new proposal will be applied only in the case of condominiums, especially the ones placed near business parks, commercial centers, and numerous transportation options. When it comes to landed residences that are outside these areas, in a quieter neighborhood where the roads are relatively narrow and there are no governmental structures around, the possibility for short-term rentals to exist is out of the question.

Preoccupied with the safety of Singapore’s residents and its communities the URA wishes to introduce other rules as well. They may include the request for private property owners to install fire alarm and extinguishers in a unit that will be rented for short terms. The agency also wishes to regulate the activities of online companies like Airbnb and similar others, requesting them to only display rental units located in developments that were registered for this purpose and not allow those that are not registered to appear on the platform.


Until this particular framework is ready, the URA reminded property owners to continue respecting the current laws. This means that for a property to be rented in legal terms, it must be rented for at least 3 months. So, considering the availability of vacation rental on Singapore’s territory, work is in progress and we will hear about the new rules very soon.



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