Bishan Park Condo tendered for collective sales

Completed in 1994, Bishan Park Condo is a twenty-eight year old Singapore Condominium that has recently been released for en-bloc sales by its owners. This development is situated along Sin Ming Walk in the Bishan housing estate. The development is made up of five towers of 10 storey tall. Currently there are 320 residential apartments inside the development. The land of the development measures 268,796 sq ft in size and has a plot ratio of 2.1.

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Higher numbers of ultra-luxury condominiums transacted in 2019

A total of sixty-eight luxurious Singapore condominiums were transacted at a price tag of more than $10 millions from January to August of 2019. This number is of the highest record ever since 2008.


Singapore, has long been regarded as a top spot among real estate investors due to our strong economy and stable political environment. It is no secret that rich property investors from our neighbouring countries or even country like China, are always attracted to getting a property in Singapore.

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Higher grants providing more options for homebuyers getting their first HDB home in Singapore


In the second quarter of this financial year in Singapore, home buyers who are getting their first HDB flats likely to receive immense incentives. The changes in the incentive structure have been incorporated to attract more buyers in its fold. With this, first-time home buyers will enjoy the benefits of having grants that are higher and at the same time, there will be more flexibility when comes to selecting the size and location of their HDB flats.


The incentives for home buyers

The household income ceiling to acquire a new HDB flats directly from HDB has been increased. This amount was last raised in 2015.

Previously, the grants available for homebuyers were categorized into different kinds

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Lacklustre sales of private homes in Singapore


Businesses in real estate render highly lucrative returns given the incessant demands in housing sector on account of the ever increasing population numbers today. However, Singapore is presenting a different kind of scenario to view. Despite an upsurge in private property prices in the second quarter of this financial year, the take-up rates for houses remain low. This is a cause for worry which needs to be addressed according to Chia Ngiang Hong, president of the Real Estate Developers Association Singapore.


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Sales of Parc Clematis



Newly launched mega development, Parc Clematis was officially released for sales recently and had their sales preview on the last week of August 2019.


Parc Clematis is a 99-year leasehold condominium located close to Clementi MRT station. It sits along Jalan Lempeng and is close to Clementi Avenue 6. A good mix of 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom apartments can be found in the development. Strata units can also be found within the development. Being close to the Clementi central, Parc Clematis offers a lifetime of convenience for its residents. The Clementi MRT station and bus interchange are a mere 7 minutes’ walk away. The popular Clement Market can also be found at the Clementi Central, shopping, dining and entertainment amenties are also readily available at the nearby Clementi Mall.

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More subterranean facilities in Singapore in future

Being a tiny red dot with limited land resources, Singapore might soon have to make use of the space below its land to bring in more facilities for its residents. Singapore’s total population stands at slightly above $5.6 million and this number is expected to rise gradually over the years, the authorities are currently making plans to accommodate the population growth by creating more subterranean space.

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