Different types of Public Housing in Singapore

HDB Properties


HDB flats are public residential development by the Singapore Housing Development Board (HDB). New HDB flats are sold at a subsidised price and this is only exclusively meant for Singapore Citizens. They are open for application either during Build-To-Order (BTO) sales launches or Sale of Balance Flats (SBF) sales launches. Both Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents that meet HDB eligibility conditions can also purchase HDB flats in the resale market.

Public Housing
Public Housing in Singapore


Below are the different types of HDB flats available in HDB and open market now.

Two-Room Flexi Flats

The Two-room Flexi flats come in the sizes of either 36 sqm or 46 sqm. Two-room Flexi Flats consist of 2 types of lease, 99-year and 30-year lease. The flats with shorter lease are built-in with elderly friendly features such as grab bars as they are catered to the elderly Singaporeans who are at least fifty-five years old. And the 99-year lease Two-room flats are open to singles or families who have a lower average gross monthly household income of not more than $6000.

Three-room to Five-room HDB flats

The unit sizes of this group of 99-year lease HDB flats range from about 60 sqm to 110 sqm (The older resale HDB flats available in the market are slightly larger in size). A 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) is to be met before the owner is allowed to sell or sublet the entire HDB unit. Likewise, when purchased in the resale market, a 5-year MOP is required as well for the next purchaser.


DBSS Flats

Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flats are HDB flats that are built and sold by private developers. Despite so, DBSS flats are considered public housing and the eligibility conditions of the applicants are almost the same as the requirements to apply for new HDB flats.


Three-Generation flats

3Gen (Three-Generation) flats are designed to meet the needs of multi-generation families. They are about 115 sqm and are slightly bigger than a five-room HDB flat. 3Gen flats are meant only for Singapore couples who are applying with their parents. Multi-Generation flat, upon meeting the MOP, can only be resold to eligible families of multi-generations.


HUDC flats

HUDC (Housing and Urban Development Company) flats were the earliest generation of executive flats. Built between the 70s and mid 80s, HUDC flats were larger flats who were more affordable compared to private housing and were catered to the middle-income families in Singapore. Some of the HUDC flats that underwent the privatisation programme are considered private properties. Condo facilities can also be found within some HUDC estates. New owners who purchase privatised HUDC flats in the resale market do not need to meet the 5 years MOP.


Executive flats (HDB) – Executive Apartment & Executive Maisonette

Executive flats are bigger version of standard five-room HDB flat. They were first constructed in the 80s catered to Singaporean families who wished to have bigger space but were not ready or keen to upgrade to private residential property. Executive apartments (EA) usually range about 140 sqm to 145 sqm in size while executive maisonettes (EM) are 2 storey high and can measure up to about 150 sqm. With the introduction of Executive Condo, HDB had stopped constructing executive flats. Executive flats are only available in the resale market.







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