Record Bids Reported for Tampines EC plot and Lentor Central Residential Site

Several records were broken when bids for residential plots of 2 different locations were lodged recently under the GLS (Government Land Sales) program.

The news about the tender of both 99 years leasehold plots was circulated recently. Of these 2 sites, one an upcoming Executive Condominium (EC) land parcel at Tampines while the other one will be a residential site for private housing along Lentor Central. The tenders for both were closed last night with nine bids each from influential investors. Reports reveal that both these sites were already added to the confirmed list of sites under the first quarter 2021 Government Land Sales program. Moreover, they were now launched right as per the previously mentioned schedule. In combined form, they can lead to 1195 residential units.

The best bid that most won the EC plot of the Tampines Street 62 was ultimately lodged by a joint venture run by Santarli Constructions and Qingjian Reality at a price tag of $422 million which translated to $659 psf ppr.

This bid was almost 1.4% above in comparison to the second bid placed for the property with the estimate of $416.3 million. It is also important to mention that $422 million is the highest land rate that could be paid for an EC site ever.

The current bids have broken all previous records of land rate (around $603 psf) for the EC site located at Tengah Garden Walk. Analysts also observed that among the bid for the Tampines EC plot which consists of total space for approximately 590 residential units, six of the bids actually were right above the $603 per land rate. The developers in the area may have to sell the Tampines EC Project in the future with $1250 psf based on the land bid price. The ongoing median transacted price for whole new EC units is $1154 psf for the second quarter of this year.

The experts working in the research and consultancy departments of the local real estate market believe that the main reason behind rising demands for this site is the close proximity to Tampines town amenities and the upcoming Tampines North MRT station.

The median price for the Piermont Grand site was reported to be $1151 psf, whereas it was $1173 psf for Parc Central Residences. Therefore, there are chances for breaching of median selling price for the new ECs above $1200 psf on the launch of the site.

On the other side, the GuocoLand unit was also listed among the top bidders for the Lentor Central residential land parcel. The offer was closed at $784.1 million, which was 4.5% higher as compared to the second-highest bid ($750) for this property.

This plot was also listed by Urban Redevelopment Authority, and it is earmarked for the impressive private residential development along with the commercial space available on the first floor. This property could lead to around 605 units. The commercial component of this site will ensure easy access to the retail options and other essential amenities for the residents. Therefore, this site has gained more confidence from developers in the entire suburban market.

More information on the above land tenders can be found in the article below,

Property heirs urge to make changes in Hong Kong’s Land Policy

Recent stats show that the property heirs in Hong Kong are criticizing the land policies of the local government while suggesting the overhaul considering increased priorities of industry leaders towards housing problems in the most affordable residential market of the world.


Some local heirs in the city reveal that most of the traditional systems and procedures are time-consuming, and many of them have now become obsolete as well. Moreover, the current generation does not want to get involved in such issues, which leads to the present situation in the real estate market. The local heirs with this type of opinion are also accompanied by scholars and lawmakers these days; they are all eager to urge immediate changes to the land policies so that ongoing housing shortage issues can be addressed.

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One Out of Three HDB Resale Flat Buyers Preferred Paying Cash Above Valuation in 2021

Recent reports reveal one out of three buyers in Housing Board resale flats preferred paying an amount above-market valuation in the current year. Note that this range was one out of five in the previous year.
It is observed that this rise occurred as a result of the backdrop of few steadily rising prices in the HDB resale flat category.


As per the figures released from the Ministry of National Development, the median cash over valuation, which is paid by the buyers, was restricted to $0 per year for a long time. But a large proportion of buyers that paid increased cash over valuation price reflected the ongoing broad-based demand for the housing properties. It also included the private housing market that is widely supported by the low-interest-rate environment.

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No Heat in the Singapore Property Market but Authorities Keeping an Eye on Prices

The experts at the Monetary Authority of Singapore recently said that they would stay vigilant about possible rises in property prices, even if the market is not overheated. Mr. Menon revealed that the Singapore property market has been very resilient during the pandemic and the recession period; however, it shows an uncertain movement during the Covid-19 caused risks of the current year as well.


Stats reveal that gross domestic product and economy contracted by a considerable level in 2020; however, the residential property price index improved by 1.6%. During the first quarter of the year 2021, the PPI was observed to be around 5.6% higher as compared to the pre-pandemic level.

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Singapore Private Home Prices Rising at Slower Pace

The Singapore private home market prices are rising by the fifth straight quarter; however, at a slower pace which is burning out the speculations regarding another major property curb in the coming future.
There was an estimated rise of 0.9% from the previous quarter to June, and it is followed by an increase of 3.3% during the first quarter with a 2.1% rise during the fourth quarter of the previous year. The year-by-year rise can be estimated to be around 7.3%.

Note that the Urban Redevelopment Authority released its flash estimates recently on 1st July, and it shows that prices of top landed properties rose by 0.8% during the second quarter as compared to 6.7% in the last quarter. If we talk about the non-landed properties, they enjoyed an estimated rise of 2.5% during the first quarter; however, the recent rise is only 0.9%.

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