Red Hot Housing of Australia to Experience Affordability Crises: Poll

Routers Poll results reveal that the red-hot Australian housing market may heat up by a considerable level this year as well as in the coming year. The main contributors to this condition are the fallen borrowing costs and the reduced availability of homes.

Right since the pandemic started hitting the world hard, the Reserve Bank of Australia brought the interest rates to a record low level. As a result, the financial system got flooded with cash that worked like a potential trigger for the most expensive real estate market in the world.

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Dover Forest Plans Revised: Info on Events Leading to Change

On July 30th, Housing Board revealed that it has Dover Forest revised plans, and as per the new approach, the eastern half of the property will be utilized to develop housing, whereas the western house development plans are currently put on hold.

It is planned that a major portion of the western half that has rich biodiversity as compared to the east sector will be used to create a nature park.

Below we have provided some historical details about the latest plans for the events relevant to the Dover Forest area:

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Five-Room Flat at Bishan HDB Sold for Record $1.295 Million Price


A luxurious flat having five-rooms in Bishan has been recently sold for a noteworthy price tag of $1.295 million, smashing all the previous records, including a $1.268 million estimate of the previous month.

The 120 sq m housing unit located at 273A Block of Bishan Street 24 was covered under Design, Build and Sell Scheme project, which is widely recognized as Natura Loft. As per the ERA Realty property agent, it was sold almost 3 weeks right after its inclusion in the sale.

This unit has a well-designed 40-storey block which is recognized as the most pricey resale unit, and the said five-room unit sits right above 35th level.

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One Out of Work From Home Trends to Discontinue in Asia as Companies Making More Commercial Real Estate Investments HDB Resale Flat Buyers Preferred Paying Cash Above Valuation in 2021


As the cases of Covid-19 coming down in Asia, companies are returning to work from office trends. Most of the companies in Asian countries these days are looking for an extension of office spaces to accommodate more employees in the near future.

A recent survey reveals that almost 66% of the Asia-based firms prefer to add more area to their commercial space in the coming three years. Moreover, around 35% of multinational companies consider the growth of their office portfolios with time.

The states show that once the pandemic-related crises fade, most of the Asian companies are likely to return to their traditional working arrangements as compared to their United States and Europe-based peers. However, many of them are still considering the continuation of work from home trends to save real estate purchase and office maintenance costs.

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