A Record-Breaking Collective Sales Agreement has been approved in Singapore

The record largest collective sale in Singapore is on the verge of being broken as the new agreement of collective sales of Mandarin Gardens condominium has been approved.


An Extraordinary General Meeting was held on 25th March (Sunday) by the owners of this property. In this meeting, which lasted for more than 4 hours, they approved the collective asking price of S$2.48 billion.

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The effect of the newly implemented higher buyer stamp duty

According to the director of the Institute of Real Estate Studies at the NUS, the stamp duty for property buyer is getting higher and this will end up affecting property prices. Recently, there was an announcement of around 1% price hike for the BSD at the budget 2018 meeting. This was something that surprised a lot of people, even those that are vetted with the industry as a whole.

There was an immediate effect and this came in the form of a 1.7% drop at the FTSE straits. This is a very important benchmark indicator for property developers. And it does show that the market does have some issues right now, issues that could potentially be solved if everything is handled correctly and with great results.

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Enbloc near Holland V

FEC Properties is an indirect subsidiary of the Far East Consortium. The interesting thing about them is that they are securing a lot of properties right now, and the latest one for them is the Holland Road in District 10.

They paid around S$183.38 million, which is a lot of money. Just so you can better understand the value, we talk about 1703 Sing dollars per square foot per plot ratio. They are trying to create a high end residential development in here and they are indeed bringing in a whole bunch of great stuff to say the least.

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Another High Bid For Property In Singapore’s Rush To Redevelop Apartments



An old Singapore Condo in the heart of Orchard, Makeway View was successfully sold for $168 million March 2018.


This property was offered at the same price when it first was placed up for bidding in January.  The going price reflects the land rate of $1,626 per square foot per ratio and includes the approximate development charge of $21.26 million.

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Urban Redevelopment Authority released a tender for 99-year leasehold on Holland Road

A generous site located on Holland Road, which is capable of providing opportunities in both residential and commercial sectors, was just made available by the state. The Urban Redevelopment Authority offer a 99-year leasehold for this particular site, which is divided into two distinct zones, as mentioned earlier. Already some of the developers that want the site placed more than one bid to get it. Thus, the site managed to gather a total number of 15 bids so far. While the URA publicly released the name of the developers competing for the site, it did not provide any information concerning the value of their bids. Also, it is expected for the tender to last two months before the URA will decide which developer will win this site.

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Will Hong Kong Tax Unsold Units Held By Developers Or Continue Down A Dangerous Path Of Soaring Costs

The latest news coming out of Hong Kong, they are seriously considering imposing a tax on developers who are hoarding empty homes in order to bring down the furry in the housing market. The financial secretary told a talk show that the number of unsold units has increased significantly since 2017 which reached an all-time high over 9,500. The secretary did stress that they need to have a specific target in mind instead of attacking all properties on the market.


Hong Kong has the most expensive residential properties that have more than doubled over the past 10 years. This has caused a significant problem by not being able to keep up with the increasing demand for properties. A practice favored by developers has added to the situation by only selling new units in groups and constantly increasing the home prices during their releases.

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Singapore: HDB Flat Prices Rose This Month by Almost Ten Percent!

According to the Housing Development Board resale price index, the price of resale flats in Singapore have fallen for the second month in a row, yet the actual sale volumes of the flats have increased by a considerable amount. The pricing index back in February 2017 noted that the resale price was around 135; a year later and it shows that the resale price has dropped down to approximately 131.7. The executive director of ZACD Group, a real estate investment firm, noted that the slight dip in prices is not surprising.
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Developer releasing 30 units in Nim Collection


Bukit Sembawang Estates is releasing a private residential project this year. They are launching 30 for sale. There were a total of 47 units in the first phase of this development. the average selling price for this new launch landed houses range from $2.8mil to about $3million


The 99 year leasehold development is among the first few residential development in Singapore that uses the envelope control guidelines. These are bringing in a lot of flexibility when it comes to the interior configuration and design. The guidelines have multiple micro controls and that’s quite a unique perspective in this regard.

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Community events became senior-friendly due to a contest-winning idea

When something goes on in the communities of Singapore, such as the gathering of stalls at hawker centers and the organization of wet markets, many senior citizens are unable to participate. This is due to the fact that they move around by using wheelchairs or walking sticks, which makes the task of checking out the available stalls, placed in a crowded area or around wet floors, a mission impossible. Thus, until now, Singapore’s elders that had mobility issues had no other options but to stay away from these crowded events. But this doesn’t have to be a problem in our present days anymore, as there are ways to make these events enjoyable for senior citizens as well, regardless how they manage to visit the venue.

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The prices of condos exceed the peaks reached in precedent years

By now, it’s no secret that the prices of condos in Singapore are going up. But, how much is up? Well, this February, these prices reached an increase of 1.9%, exceeding not just the increase of 1.3% that was recorded in January, but also the most significant increase recorded in the past 4 years. Thus, ever since 2014, in the month of January, the apartments and Singapore condominiums in Singapore that were put up for resale, did not record such important price increases. Specialists estimated an increase of only 1% in February, compared with January, but the market proved them wrong, as the increase was almost 2%.

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Wheelock Apartments Sell Out in Hong Kong

Over a weekend in March 2018, Hong Kong’s hot residential market reared its head, as a new housing development in Kowloon Wheelock & Co, was completely sold out. The development is made up of 750 units and they were 100% sold. There a huge buyer enthusiasm over the units, with over 9,800 applicants submitting for approval despite only having 750 residential units. This has shown that the housing market does not show any sign of stopping even though Hong Kong is the least affordable city in Southeastern China. To put this in perspective, Hong Kong’s housing prices have seen a three hundred percent surge since 2003.

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Finding the Best Real Estate Agent Has Now Become Easy With RealHome

An outstanding property app was introduced by Desmond Lee, Second Minister for National Development. This app was designed with the purpose of enhancing the transaction services in the real estate industry. The RealHome app will be available for free on both Play Store and App Store.

RealHome is the perfect solution for contacting top real estate agents. This app is developed to make it easy to find experienced and qualified real estate agents. This app is headed by PropNex Realty, Huttons Asia, and ERA Realty with the aim to boost the standards of the real estate industry. Through this app, the customers may be able to review and rate agents. In order to provide authentic information to the users, the review will contain details such as the type of transaction and concise address of the property.

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HDB Buyers of older age prefer flats of shorter leas

According to an article in Straits Times dated 26th Feb 2018, Mr Yeoh who is a resident that needed to give up the canteen helper job a few years ago because he had a poor health, and he was actually diagnosed with cancer. The problem for him and his wife is that he had to move from a 5-room flat to a 2-room flexi flat and a 30 year lease came with that one. They are not the only people doing this.


Most seniors are downsizing right now, but it’s easy to see why. Not only do they want to avoid spending a lot of money, but they want to figure out a good, creative and professional way to handle with the shorter leases in a meaningful and powerful way. The best part about handling them this way is that it’s a lot easier for them to move into a smaller place.
Is it wise to give up your financial security and follow the type of dream that may never be able to pull of adequately? It can happen, but in the end the best thing that you can do is to identify the best options and just go ahead with them the best way that you can. This approach is quite good for old people that want to downsize.


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Rise in Singapore Business Confidence in the 2nd Quarter in 2018


SCCB – Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau released a survey recently that showed an upward trend for a second consecutive quarter in local business confidence. As per the chief executive of SCCB, Audrey Chia, there will be certain downside risk prevalent during 2018; however, the overall growth outlook is expected to remain positive. She cited service-oriented and transportation sectors as the major factors that will lead the growth in 2018.


On the other hand, she believes that there are fewer chances of growth in the construction sector. This is due to the lacklustre performance expected in this sector in the near future. However, the overall trend is going to remain positive.

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Hollandia, a generous property of 48 units is won by FEC Properties at a recent collective sale

Built somewhere in the middle of the 80s, Hollandia, which is a beautiful property located at the intersection of Queensway and Holland Road in District 10, was just won by FEC Properties as a result of a collective sale. The property has quite a potential when it comes to future developments, considering that at the moment it has 6 stories and a total of 48 flats to offer. FEC Properties, which is a subsidiary company owned entirely by Far East Consortium International, from Hong Kong, got the property for $183.38 million. The price was triggered by the value of the property’s square foot, which was $1,703 at the moment of the collective sale, as mentioned by Savills Singapore, the market agent that supervised the selling process.

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