HDB Resale Prices Increased Continuously for the 24th Month in June

A recent real estate market report from Singapore reveals that prices for resale flats in the HDB market increased continuously for the 24th month. However, fewer units were sold by June as the large proportion of flats in non-mature estates are being sold these days.

The prices of HDB resale flats increased by 1.2% in the previous month and it shows a quicker pace in comparison to 0.5% in May month. However, if we compare the data with June month of the previous year, the prices went up by almost 11.4%. Read more

MOP Rules Revised for purchasers of Sers Replacement HDB

As per the recent rules, HDB owners who bought their Sers (Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme) flat will only be allowed to resell their houses after five years from the key collection date. This rule will be first implemented in the Sers flats that are found in the Ang Mo Kio Site.


If we talk about the previous regulations, homeowners were allowed to sell their units seven years counting from the day they selected their unit at a specific replacement site. Either way, they can also sell their houses five years counted from the key collection date. It clearly means that the owners who purchased SERS flat could sell their houses even before the completion of the five years duration. This is likely to provide them an edge over Sers owners that are investing in flats at some other sites by using Sers rehousing benefits with SBF (Sale of Balance Flats), BTO (Built to Order) schemes, or via open booking, which they are allowed to sell their flats after completion of the five years span.

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New Private Home Sales Hit 6-Month High in Singapore

Two major new launches in Singapore including Liv@MB and Piccadilly Grand brought the private home sales prices up by a considerable amount as buyers started taking the latest round over property cooling measures amid tighter home supply.

As per the Singapore property market reports, buyers invested in 1356 units in the month of May which is almost double the 660 units sold in April. Moreover, it is 51.5% higher in comparison to the units sold in the previous year.


But the total sales without including executive condominiums for the year till date is observed to be 32% down with only 3841 units in comparison to the previous year. However, if we include executive condominiums, the new home sales increased to 1376 units with a 62.6% rise in the month of May in comparison to 846 units sold in April.

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