Land Betterment Charge – Elevate your Land Value Interest

Intensified Land Usage – Land Betterment Charge

With recent developments relaunching for en-bloc sales, the Land Betterment Charge (LBC) is something we might encounter frequently. It is another significant cost that could influence developers’ decisions on whether to replenish their land stocks and intensify their land use, especially considering the uncertainty surrounding construction costs and bank rates at present.

The Land Betterment Charge (LBC) is a new term that landowners or developers will need to become familiar with if they wish to enhance their development or intensify their land’s usage by redeveloping.

It will replace the previously known Development Charge (DC), Difference Premium (DP) and Temporary Development Levy (TDL). The Land Betterment Charge take effect on 1st August 2022.

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