Punggol Waterfront BTO Projects Receives BCA Award for Impressive Design

The barrier-free linkways and communal spaces at transport nodes and neighborhood center at Waterfront I & II of Northshore provide residents with the unique experience of seafront living without compromising accessibility and comfort. These features proved to be extremely useful to promote this project and it ultimately helped to win Building & Construction Authority Award for excellent design.

The built-to-order project at Punggol housing estate is one of the four winning constructions. Note that all these sites received the highest universal design rating for their innovative appeal. The winners of this award presented universal design principles for creating a highly accessible and inclusive environment, especially for elders, children, and people with disabilities.

BCA group director, Mr. Clement Tseng, recently revealed that they are happy about this achievement involving some exemplary architects and developers that led the project with a very insightful design, so that all people, irrespective of their physical conditions and needs, can enjoy an uninterrupted experience at common spaces. Note that this award has replaced the previous Universal Design Mark award of BCA that required various industry players to submit their applications.

At present, BCA has shortlisted these projects by considering some essential design aspects including a self-assessment checklist. The Waterfront I and II projects that were completed recently in the year 2021 had some barrier-free pavements that helped to connect various facilities together including three-generation playgrounds, childcare centers, and senior care centers. In order for all more residents to gain access to the seafront area, they have added a wheelchair-accessible promenade along with a viewing deck with safe railing arrangements.

Residents are allowed to access various facilities at neighborhood centers and communal spaces, including 52 shops along with sheltered linkways on both stories. Note that the second-story linkway is connecting the north-side developments to the south so that residents can reach bus stops as well as Samudera LRT station easily.

Another condominium from Allgreen Properties named Royalgreen, which is located at Bukit Timah has also received the award for various facilities that are useful to enhance social interaction on the site. The facilities also include a well-furnished indoor play area along with a projector screen and flexible play furniture.

Fernvale Community Club located at Sengkang is another award winner in the list that is rated high for its children-friendly activity options, even at the fifth story. Other than this, it also has an activity room for children, a childcare center, and a jogging track.

Kallang Polyclinic with Long-Term Care facility is another recipient of the award due to its classic eldercare-friendly design. All the counters here are equipped with top-notch hearing enhancement mechanisms that can help staff members to enjoy better interaction with all the patients. With such facilities, the residents can automatically enjoy better living standards.



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