HDB Announced Sale for 8200 Flats, Including 4600 BTO Flats in Tampines, AMK, and Tengah

After the successful closure of previous sales, now Housing Board at Singapore launched another lot of 4571 new Built-to-Order flats. They are open for sale by the end of this year, and this launch is considered to be the biggest BTO exercise for November 12th, Tuesday.

At the same time, 3599 flats are to be sold as per the Sale of Balance Flats scheme. This offer is open for both non-mature and mature estates, including Clementi and Bishan.

With this, the total numbers of flats launched for sale by the year 2019 are 8170, and it is the highest count for HDB this year.

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HDB resale market-facing growth because of higher grants

Quite distinct from the figures of September, October 2019 witnessed a rapid escalation in the number of resales conducted of the Housing Board Flats; this improvement can be solely attributed to the higher grants and stretching of income windows for the first time since the last month. As per the reports submitted by the real estate portal under SRX Property, a total of 2,213 HBD resale flats altered their ownership; this implies the fact that there has been an 18% increase when compared to the statistics of September. Furthermore, if this year’s figures are placed alongside last year’s, one would find that the resale volume has grown by 10.6%. One possible source of this change could be the alterations brought into action recently in the market policies.


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Hong Kong’s reign as the financial stalwart is most likely to be challenged by Singapore and Shanghai

In the past few years, several reports assured that Hong Kong will soon have to let go of its long-held position as Asia’s most influential International Financial controller; but interestingly, the capital has time and again crushed these assumptions. However, this time it seems there is no escape and the prophecy is most likely to come true. For years, this city has maintained its stature because of the flexibility of the financial laws and as a result, encouraged China to accommodate the global markets and draw the leading financial initiators towards it. The present scenario, nevertheless, has a distinct story to relate altogether; today, the number of stocks enrolled under it is five lesser in number when compared with Shanghai and additionally, its wealth management industry parallelly, is witnessing infinite challenges to keep up with the pace of Singapore’s growth.

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10 Private Residences Will Enjoy Consistent Modernization Processes



It seems that a number of 10 private residences are in luck, as they are about to be modernized according to the latest standards. What does this mean? It means that they will be equipped with special ramps for wheelchair access, lighting for footpaths, and beautiful landscape features among other improvements that will be part of the face-lift process. The Ministry of National Development made the announcement not so long ago. The improvements will have a total cost of $29 million and they are more than welcome. With their help, those homes will not only look better but will also offer upgraded living conditions to their residents.

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Self-driving vehicles will be tested in the west part of Singapore


It is well-known the fact that self-driving vehicles are one of the major interests of humankind. Since technology managed to develop with incredible speed, the man started to dream about developing vehicles that can drive by themselves. These cars have already been invented. They just need to be approved for being driven on public roads with regularity. For this, a number of safety standards must be met. In other words, extensive testing is needed in order to determine if the used technology is safe enough for the passengers, other traffic participants, and pedestrians alike.

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Hong Kong Real Estate Recession

The Hong Kong government has planned to release data regarding the present condition of the city economy to update to knowledge base of all residents, hoteliers, and retailers.


The market has undergone a 0.4 percent contraction during the second quarter and now by the third quarter, the gross domestic product figures are expected to fall by 0.6 percent. These two repeated falls reveal that Hong Kong economy is now suffering from technical recession. This kind of financial crisis in the Hong Kong market was observed decades ago.

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New changes made to Enhanced CPF Housing Grant

As per the new rule, Singaporeans above the age group of 21 that are married to some non-citizen can avail additional housing grants. The amount of grant may raise up to $40,000 for their first-ever resale flat.


Note that, this age criterion was brought down by this Saturday. As per earlier regulations, people crossing the age barrier of 35 were eligible to avail Enhanced CPF Housing Grant (EHG). This Non-Citizen Spouse scheme was applicable to Singaporeans who purchased a resale flat and their life partner was not a permanent resident or citizen of Singapore.


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