Self-driving vehicles will be tested in the west part of Singapore


It is well-known the fact that self-driving vehicles are one of the major interests of humankind. Since technology managed to develop with incredible speed, the man started to dream about developing vehicles that can drive by themselves. These cars have already been invented. They just need to be approved for being driven on public roads with regularity. For this, a number of safety standards must be met. In other words, extensive testing is needed in order to determine if the used technology is safe enough for the passengers, other traffic participants, and pedestrians alike.

Since there’s a need for testing background, it appears that Western Singapore will become the scene for such tests. In order for self-driving cars to become reliable enough, they must be able to handle every-day traffic. Of course, the safety of everyone involved will be primary during these tests. The residents of Western Singapore must know that their security will be a top priority at all times. For these tests, a total of 1,000 kilometers of roads will be used, being gradually involved in the experiment. Jurong, Bukit Timah, and Clementi will be the neighborhoods where autonomous vehicles will be tested. This will give the local companies activating in this automotive sector to finally put their cars to the test.


It is worth mentioning that these tests will not take place all at once. They will span over several years, time in which the safety of people will be the main concern of everybody involved, according to the statements of Janil Puthucheary, who is the Senior Minister of State for Transport. However, above all, the wide public plays an important role in the acceptance of self-driving vehicles. If the public doesn’t approve of them, all the effort deposited for their development is in vain. Thus, it’s very important for accidents not to happen. If they do and people get hurt, more or less, the credibility and trust in self-driving cars will be significantly eroded.


How come the entire west part of Singapore will be invested in such a project? The companies that are developing such vehicles wanted to test their creations in as many traffic conditions as possible. If the traffic conditions would reflect real life, it would be even better. So, this is how self-driving cars will appear on the streets of West Singapore, as their abilities will be put to the test. The test will also include shuttles and self-driving buses, which will be tested by commutes for real. The desire to make transportation autonomous is quite large, so if it all goes well, it is very likely for these vehicles to be on Singapore’s roads very soon.


Residents of Western Singapore must know that these self-driving shuttles and buses will not be completely out of human control. Out of safety reasons, they will have a certified driver on board, who will be ready to take control of the vehicle if the situation requires it. The authorities believe that this type of vehicle, especially the ones for public transportation, will significantly change how people move around the city. The hope is to make transportation more convenient and reduce traffic by convincing people to use shared transport methods.



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