Launch of Whistler Grand

New Launch condo, Whistler Grand is finally launched at West Coast and it has received great attention right from the first day. City Development Limited developer recently gave an interview to The Sunday Times saying that out of 240 units launched on the day, 150 were snapped by around 5pm. The head of this property development firm told that these condos are gaining more popularity in the market due to their ultimate design, great location and affordability. Moreover, most of these units are priced at an affordable range of less than $1 million. Hence, people find it easier to invest on these wonderful condos.
Alan Cheong, the senior director of Savills Singapore recently told that 150 units that were sold present an estimated take-up the rate of 21% that is observed to be quite high for the current state of real estate market. Reports revealed that right when the total servicing ratio was introduced in the year 2013; properties were having only half of the take-up rate as compared to this recent sale.

Whistler Grand is offering an average selling price of the $1,380/square foot, and this range is quite appealing for the en bloc sellers as well as for the first-time buyers in the area. The special prices for one-bedders also started at $608,000. Note that, during May month, around 87% of the available 520 units at West Coast Vale were also sold at an average price of $1,385 per square foot.


There is no doubt to say that $1,380 is definitely a good amount when compared to the high-end selling point of the units between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Jarvis Goh, the director of the PropNext associate group, revealed that HSR is the most valuable component of the rejuvenation blueprint in the Jurong area that is about to turn into second central business district soon.


One potential client and a first time home buyers in the city said that the current real estate prices are really attractive and appealing for the redevelopment projects. He invested $700,000 for a one-bedroom unit in a 99-year leasehold tower project that has a 36-storey building. Another en-bloc seller in the area purchased a 3 bedroom unit by investing $1.4 million. Some recent conversations with the potential buyers in the city reveal that they are really interested in spending on this property. Observers are also keeping an eye on the upcoming new launches that included Woodleigh Residences in the area.




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