Some residential homes in Tiong Bahru converted for commercial purposes

According to the latest developments, it seems that around 28 residential units in Tiong Bahru will be converted into residential homes with commercial shops on the ground floor.

The URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) are looking to convert 28 of the residential units to retail shops. The change is designed to offer transparency for the commercial use and it’s also designed to serve the visitors and residents in a professional manner. Currently, the charming Tiong Bahru estate hosts 800 residential homes and 120 commercial businesses.

This is a great approach as it makes a lot of sense and it definitely aligns with the region requirements, which are quite important and a crucial aspect for the entire region. Plus, everyone has to gain something from this type of conversion. It’s a great and rewarding approach to do this, there is a demand for this. Hopefully the better the variety will be, the better the outcome will end up in the end.

There was a study that some residents used to say adding stuff like this to a residential area will be bad. But the reality is that the results and the return on investment on its own will be quite good.

The URA is working with around 15 companies such as art galleries, yoga studios and offices in order to deliver the best possible support to them. Of course the government is still checking for any infringements that can appear from stuff like this.

But the thing to note here is that some of these units don’t really have people living in them, so it makes a lot of sense to do such a transformation. There will always be people that dislike such an approach. Yet in the end the thing that matters the most is for the residential users to have access to the shops they want.

And this approach does help them achieve such a goal. There will always be challenges, and you do need to adapt and adjust things in a meaningful way. As long as you tackle and adjust everything in a meaningful way, nothing will stand in your way. And that’s what they did here. Some people may complain about the noise, but most companies are trying to be as professional as possible and not generate any noise because this is a residential area. Yet in the end these things will change and adapt for sure, which is always a good thing.


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