The Redevelopment of Kampong Bugis


One of the few vacant pieces of prime land on the island is due to be turned into a vibrant new residential district, under recently announced government plans. In a scheme similar to the one unveiled for Punggol North, one so called Master Developer will have sole responsibility for the project to redevelop Kampong Bugis, with a more or less free hand – within a broad set of parameters – to develop its own design plan. It is believed that this method achieves a greater level of integration between all aspects of the site, be they the buildings, the open spaces, public amenities and the connectivity between them all.


Kampong Bugis Precinct
Kampong Bugis Precinct (Credit: URA)

The area in question, approximately 17.4 hectares of land that was once home to the Kallang Gas Works, is bounded by the Kallang River, Kallang Road and Crawford Street, and apart from a small number of properties and developments, including the Sri Manmatha Karuneshvarar Temple, it has largely been left untouched.  It is believed that the project will result in up to 4,000 new homes, and will bring in a new younger group of residents, which will in turn give the area – which currently has a reputation as somewhat of a home for the elderly – a new lease of life.


The ethos of the project is very much in keeping with the government’s recent goals, to create sustainable, people centric communities that are car-lite and promote bonding and mobility. To this end, the development will include a comprehensive network of walkways and cycle paths, connecting residents’ homes to both Kallang and Lavender MRT stations as well as the picturesque Kallang River Promenade.  The design will include community buildings and amenities as well as green spaces where people can come together as families and as a community.


There is also a focus on sustainability, with the likely implementation of district level systems including urban design that is able to deal with storm water treatment without taking away from the attractiveness of the surroundings, or the environment as a whole.


It is a move that has been welcomed with open arms by existing residents and businesses alike, and it is hoped that the scheme will attract many new people to the area, giving it a much needed lift and its very own unique character. The supply of residential units in the development will be phased in gradually, in order to synchronise with the market supply and demand.


The URA is not merely a silent partner in this however. It will rigorously evaluate and assess the plans and proposals put forward by the Master Developer, in order to ensure that it is not only in keeping with its initial plans, but also that such a large and high profile project has the desired and quality outcome. It is in the process of drawing up the tender requirements and development parameters for the site before it will invite interested parties to submit their tenders. Watch this space.




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