Jurong Lake District Development

Jurong Lake District

The Jurong Lake District which has an area of 360 hectare will soon be morphing into a bustling Commercial Hub outside the City. The district will be divided into 2 complementary precincts, Jurong Gateway and Lakeside

Jurong Lake District
Jurong Lake District
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Jurong Gateway

The 70 hectare Jurong Gateway will be housing an excellent mix of high and medium rise offices, retail, entertainment, F & B, entertainment, hospital and new launch condo. Of this 70 hectare area, 500,000 sqm will be taken up as office space and 250,000 sqm will be used for retail, entertainment and F & B. About 2,800 hotel rooms will also be developed to cater to future tourists and business travelers.

With Jurong East MRT station being next to it, this new commercial hub will offer alternatives to businesses and bring jobs closer to homes. There will be extensive network of elevated covered walkways from the Jurong MRT Station as well to ensure that pedestrians can walk comfortably and leisurely to the public facilities in Jurong Gateway while enjoying the panoramic lake view.

Currently, several new projects are already in the pipeline while others are still in the midst of construction. These new projects are

  • New Infrastructure –
    1.  Bus Interchange
    2.  New Road network around Jurong East MRT Station
    3. Upgrading Jurong East MRT Station.
  • 1.9 hectare White Site – (Available for application in the Government Land Sales Reserve List)
  • Big Box Warehouse Retail Outlet – 34, 000 sqm of new retail space
  • Jurong Entertainment Centre redevelopment  – 28,000 sqm of retail space and an Olympic-size ice skating rink
  • New Jurong General Hospital and Community Hospital
    1. The integrated hospitals will serve residents staying in the west region – Completion: 2014
  •    New Continuing Education and Training West Campus


Jurong gateway
Jurong gateway


Lakeside district

 The Lakeside district which consists of 290 hectare will be evolving to a waterfront playground surrounded by lush greenery. Situated in between 2 MRT station, Chinese Garden and Lakeside MRT stations, getting to this big waterfront playground is merely a few minutes walk from either MRT stations.

Improved promenades, more water activities and numerous attractions will be built within the lakeside. Some of these water activities which can be found include kayaking and dragon boating in the lake. Upcoming waterfront boardwalk and wetlands constructed in the lake will enhance the natural ecology of the lakeside district and serve as an educational and recreational hotspot for children and families.

More connections will also be built within the lake so that residents and visitors will be able to access the green open spaces in the gardens by the lake. The gardens will also see improved programming and amenities to transform them into attractive sanctuaries for rest and relaxation.

At the fringe of Jurong Lake, there will be a Lakeside Village coming its way. The Lakeside Village which is a 10-minute walk from Jurong East MRT station, provides a wide array of shopping, dining and services for Jurong residents and business travellers staying in the nearby boutique hotels within the Lakeside district.



Some of this upcoming developments In Lakeside include

  • 1. New World Class Science Centre Singapore

      – To be developed within the next few years

  • 2. Proposed golf resort hotel in Jurong Country Club (currently under study)


The entire Jurong Lake District Development may take 10 to 15 years for full completion, however as we can see, many new changes are already taking place in Jurong right now.  These includes new mega shopping malls like JEM(Jurong East Mall) and Westgate Shopping Mall


Speaking at the 2014 National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announces the development of Jurong Lake District into Jurong Lake Gardens which will serve as a space for Singaporeans to live, work and play. PM Lee details the possibilities of connecting the Gardens to the Islandwide Park Connector

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