Tampines Court collective sale hit by technical hitches

Collective sales have been quite the hit recently in Singapore. But as you can imagine, even these won’t be able to run away from glitches. Tampines Court is one of the collective sales that actually had to deal with this sort of problems. Those technical glitches mired the entire sale. The firm is engaged with the LTA as it tries to create a new link to the Pan Island Expressway. The company has to make the road improvements, otherwise they will not be able to increase the number of units.


And yes, this is the most important thing for any type of sales person at the end of the day. But it seems that the Tampines Court sale was delayed mostly because the developer is still trying to get the planning permission approval from the URA. These things are extremely important at this time, and they may end up having a major significance in the very near future.

The Sim Lian developer is ready to sacrifice even up to 7% of that place just to make sure that it has the necessary convenience and results that it would need. It’s a nice thing to have for sure and the possibilities are limitless. It does depend on how everything will be handled by the developer though, yet the value and quality are there at the end of the day.


Increasing the plot ratio tends to require a development charge, and that can be very important most of the time. Yet since the market isn’t drive by the plot ratio increase, things are a bit different. The focus is now on making a better infrastructure. This way everything is more appealing for the potential customers and that can lead to more investments. There are plenty of developers that want to triple their investment or even get more than that.


But will it happen? That’s hard to say. Even if the plans are huge, dealing with tech glitches is certainly not going to help in any way and it will just end up bringing in more trouble than it’s worth at the end of the day.


In conclusion, the Tampines Court tech issues were unfortunate, but there are some methods to avoid those in the future. But even so, it’s important to attend these collective sales, as the ROI they offer can be amazing and impressive!





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