A brief history of Mount Sophia 

Mount Sophia


Mt Sophia & Adis Rd
Mount Sophia & Adis Rd


Mount Sophia is one of the very few hills still remaining in the Central region of Singapore. It has been known since 19th century, where it has been an important inner city residential district. Since the early days, middle and upper income class citizens lived in Mount Sophia. The place is a perfect reflection of the architectural history of Singapore, as there are several types and styles of buildings established through the urban revolution of the estate.

Originally, Mount Sophia was known as Seligi Hill. It was believed that Captain William Flint (Brother-In-Law of Sir Stamford Raffles, Founder of Singapore) was the very first resident of Mount Sophia. In early colonial era, Mount Sophia was often known as Flint’s hill. The hill was later renamed as Mount Sophia, after Lady Sophia Raffles, Wife of Sir Stamford Raffles. Mount Sophia was then sold to Charles Robert Prinsep, who was also the owner of the adjacent hill – Bukit Cawa, now known as Mount Emily. Over the years, a number of houses were built on Mount Sophia. Among them was the family house of Eu Tong Sen – the grand Eu Villa. Unfortunately this building was long tear down. From time to time, Mount Sophia attracted a number of different communities, who established in Mount Sophia hills with permanent residencies. At the entrance to Mount Sophia stands the Sophia Flats, built in 1930s and the Church of Christ of Malaya which was built in 1958. With this, Mount Sophia became the first district to populate middle-class residents.

Apart from the residences, Mount Sophia hills also hosted several religious and educational institutes as well. Out of these, the buildings of some of the places are still left and protected as historical and architectural milestones. Former Trinity College Chapel is one such historical building that’s going to be preserved under the new town development. Methodist Girls’ School is another preserved building, which was originally at the Short Street from 1900-1933 and thereafter was moved to Adis Road. The Selegie Primary School building which was Singapore’s first high-rise school, still stands on the Selegie Road. St Margaret’s Primary School is still operated on the hill. In Mount Sophia, you can also find enough evidence for the existence of Jewish presence, especially with the Star of David on display at the facades of the David Elias building.

Mount Sophia owns a glorious history, which is still evident through a series of old buildings and architectural styles which depicts how the city evolved in social, cultural and economical sense, over centuries. It would indeed be a pride to present and future residents of Mount Sophia, to live in this glorious estate.




Embrace a luxurious style of living at Mount Sophia, with Orchard right in front of you stretching all the way to the right and the financial district on your left…

For the past few years, several new launch condos have been built in Mount Sophia, one of the upcoming project is Sophia Hills, which we believe will be one of the most iconic development at Mount Sophia. Another newly launch condo project that is sitting close to Mount Sophia is Liv On Wilkie.