New HDB scheme

New HDB Scheme for rental flats families


New HDB scheme - 2 Room Flat
New HDB scheme

Singapore families who have been staying in rental flats may now be eligible to purchase smaller 2-room flexi flats now. Under this new Scheme, the eligible families will be given a housing grant of up to $35,000. Besides the normal 99-year lease 2-room flat, the applicants will also be given an option to choose shorter lease periods ranging from 45 to 65 years . However, unlike the 5-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), the MOP for 2-room flexi flats is 20 years. This is to ensure that the applicants will not be selling the flats too early and the children in the families will also get to stay in a stable home environment.


In order to be eligible for this scheme, the family will have to prove that they have been having a stable income and occupation and their children are attending school regularly. This new scheme will be commencing in late 2016 and more information will be updated again.



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