Greater Southern Waterfront

In our previous entry, we posted a video on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on the Development of Greater Southern Waterfront. Now, let us share with you some of the planning that URA has for our future waterfront city.



Developments of the Greater Southern Waterfront

By 2027, the City Terminals (at Tanjang Pagar, Keppel and Pulau Brani) and Pasir Panjang terminal will all be relocated and consolidated at Tuas, leaving behind a thousand hectares of land. This humongous piece of land which is about 3 times the size of Marina Bay will be used for development of the future Greater Southern Waterfront.


Presently, the Bayfront and Marina Central area are still under development. But as we can already see, for the past few years, with new attractions such as the Flyer, The Helix pedestrian bridge and not to forget the iconic Marina Bay Sands coming up, the entire area has evolved to a waterfront promenade bustling with activities. Likewise, the Greater Southern Waterfront which will be built after the relocation of all the terminals will be the next waterfront city in Singapore.

Future Greater Southern Waterfront (credits: URA)
 Creating a premier, live-work-play environment, extending the City and transforming our home to a continuous waterfront

Below are some of the possibilities that could be happening to our future Southern Waterfront City


  • The new waterfront city will most likely be seamlessly integrated with waterfront housing, hotels and buildings that are used for commercial, retail and entertainment.


  • New public spaces will be formed to create new city districts. The entire area will be car-free, the district will be filled with rich and vibrant public spaces such as lovely streetscapes


  • Marina Bay’s Central Linear Park could be linked to the Greater Southern Waterfront and in future, there will be a continuous route that allows visitors to stroll from Marina bay to the waterfront of Keppel Channel through Telok Blangah to Pasir Panjang. Imagine our current greens spaces such as Mount Faber, Labrador Park being connected all the way to the Garden by the Bay. Cyclists or joggers who are greenery lovers will be able to move leisurely from one place of interest to another via the water promenade without being interrupted by the road traffic.


  • A new reservoir between Tanjong Pagar and Pulau Brani could also be formed to serve as an additional water supply in Singapore by retaining rainwater and storing the excess water from Marina Reservoir.


With so many ongoing and upcoming major developments going on, Singapore will soon become a vibrant waterfront city and will definitely be one of the most livable city in the world.


Reference : URA website



Below are some newly launched freehold condos that will be next to the future Greater Southern Waterfront