The ABC Waters Sites in Singapore

An ambitious project started in Singapore called ABC Waters, which is destined to keep the city safe from floods, improve its appearance by creating beautiful green gardens and clean water streams, and to bring inhabitants together. There are already palpable proofs that the project is working, as there are a few ABC Waters sites in Singapore everybody can enjoy. Let us take a look at each of them and see their features, trying to imagine at the same time how the entire area will look once the project will be completed.


  • MacRitchie Reservoir

The MacRitchie Reservoir is quite a reputable and popular reservoir in Singapore, due to the fact that it is one of the oldest around. Because it is also located in the proximity of nature reserves, Singapore’s inhabitants see it as a great opportunity to spend time out in nature, being a place much preferred for leisure activities, such as jogging, walking, cross country, tai chi, and even canoeing and kayaking. To protect the reservoir’s ecosystem while allowing inhabitants to enjoy it like they always did, the amenities of this park and its infrastructure were the ones that were improved right from the start. A modern car park and a newly improved pontoon for kayaks, together with F&B outlet and a building made to serve both kayaking and canoeing, were all added to attract people in the area and make their time spent here very pleasant.



  • Kallang River

For everybody that lived in the area or knows how the Kallang River looked before the ABC Waters program started, this river was just another concrete canal that was passing through Singapore. Due to the collaboration of PUB and NParks, this canal turned into a beautiful natural river that is today home for a number of birds, insect, and even water animal species, while providing a much-improved experience to all the people that wish to enjoy the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. To prevent soil erosion and give the river a natural look, a brand new technique was used in Singapore for the first time. The technique is called soil bio-engineering and it assumes the use of natural materials, such as rocks and plants. Once the transformation of the river was completed, wildlife was attracted into the area, which considered the new Kallang River a suitable home, populating the area and changing the entire atmosphere in the park.


  • Lower Seletar Reservoir

This is another great reservoir when families living in Singapore can enjoy a great time. It is more than perfect for walks and spending time in the outdoors, while children can have a blast at the water play area. Also, a variety of activities can be enjoyed here, such as jogging, kayaking, fishing, and others. Still, if you plan to go fishing in this reservoir, do know that there are special areas destined for such activity. You should also fish responsibly, using appropriate equipment and being careful not to hurt the passersby or the otters that found shelter in this reservoir. Other than this, the Lower Seletar Reservoir is another beautiful place in Singapore that enjoyed the attention of the ABC Waters program.




New Launch Condos that are closer to the above ABC water sites