Price of completed private developments slip 0.3%

According to a recent study, the private apartment prices are slipping. They had a 0.3% dip between March and April. This came after prices rose a tiny bit for the past month. Analysts believe that this is a small issue and nothing too much.

Despite the minor problem, the job market and economy in Singapore are still very healthy, and that’s a very important thing to keep in mind. The en bloc sale market is active, and the real estate market is very active. So that’s the thing that matters the most, as it delivers some great opportunities to the entire market.

The price drop was also driven by the fall in prices for the apartments in the central region. However, the small units did not see any price change in March. That’s a very important thing to keep in mind, but in the end that’s what matters, how the market grows and expands in ways you would not imagine.

Right now the prices are 7.9% higher when compared to the same time last year. The apartments in the central region are actually higher in price, so that’s actually a very good thing. It’s definitely important to know how to manage and tackle all these things in a meaningful way, and in the end it’s great for the buyers to see some changes in prices.

Various industry pros suggest that the prices will continue to rise this year. But there will be some shifts from time to time, that’s definitely something that you need to expect whether you like it or not. In the end, this is better for the society as a whole, and it certainly brings in front some really interesting results and benefits as you go along. So yes, the results are pretty good as long as you tackle this correctly and study the market. Just because the prices slipped a bit, that doesn’t mean it will continue for a whole lot of time to be like that!


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