Singapore could be the ideal site for Asian LNG trading hub


Singapore is a leader when it comes to liquefied natural gas. And the interesting thing about it is that it does have all the necessary benefits and features required for a very important hub. Of course, it’s not the primary leader now, but it can become until 2023, which is still a huge lead. According to the Deloitte oil and gas regional leader, Singapore has all the criteria needed to become a hub right now.

It has a world class trading infrastructure, a stellar location, as well as a very good regulatory regime, liquid capital and financial markets, as well as a huge range of other tremendous benefits.

But there are some industry pros that believe Korea or Japan will take this spot, as their markets are a lot more comprehensive and focused on value. But in the end, the thing that matters here is that the oil pricing and the trading market are very consistent in Singapore, and these are only a few of the things that make the local market such a massive success to begin with.

Asia has a huge LNG market, and there are some countries like the US, Qatar and Australia that arrive to the region trying to offer some competition. In the end, each one of these has a good focus on things, but what really matters is the value that they can deliver, and that’s definitely different from one place to the other. China is one of the major LNG markets right now, and it’s safe to say that India can take the spot too. But Singapore tends to go well above the others, because it’s fast, efficient and it has the right economy and trading structure at this point, which is exactly what you would need from a dedicated LNG trading hub!




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