Noise study is designed to help guide planning of new homes near the Tengah Air Base

The Tengah Air Base expansion is in full effect, and it seems that a noise study is designed to guide the planning of some new flats in the region. This happens because architects want to know whether this type of project is feasible in the region or not. The problem here is that finding the right location in the city can be tough, so the Tengah Air Base and other specific regions like this can come in handy most of the time.


The benefit here is that even if there are studies performed here, no construction will be created and sold until 2030, so we are still a long way away from all of that. It really goes to show that there is a lot of focus on creating unique, powerful apartments that will also allow people to enjoy all these benefits as fast as possible.

The relocation will take a while and it will include around 800ha of prime land in the North East region. This is actually a new town if you think about its size. But the authorities are also trying to find some ways to mitigate some of the noise.


The RSAF flies over populated areas, but it’s mostly for landing and taking off. They tend to fly at a high altitude and lower air speeds overland. So yes, you get to have minimal noise to any of the housing estate.


It really is important, because getting a home in a region like this shouldn’t come with any sort of trouble. And with enough luck, this type of issue will not happen for quite some time. The affected land owners will also be compensated it seems.


It’s not a huge measure, but it’s one that shows people will be compensated in order to deal with this sort of issue. There is no word in regards to what this compensation will actually include, but it’s still a nice thing to have and it goes to show that there is indeed a valuable experience and the overall results showcased here are extremely good in the end.


The construction isn’t starting for a while, so there are still a lot of things to take into account. But the fact that the authorities are careful with the noise levels is very important. Hopefully this will not lower the quality of life for people that live in this area!



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