The government is set to exhume more than 80000 graves in order to get land for the Tengah Air Base expansion



This piece of news is certainly nothing short of impressive. It seems that the government is exhuming around 80000 graves in the Choa Chu Cemetery, all in an effort to expand the Tengah Air Base. But that’s not all the space they need, because it seems that they will also get some land from the Murai Farmway and the local nursery too.


This adds up to around 206 ha, and it is indeed necessary in order to integrate some of the facilities as well as assets that come from the Paya Lebar Air Base. This was initially set to be relocated in 2030 at its earliest.

Apparently it seems that the development work for this new expansion is ready to start in 2019, and at that time these changes will most likely be made. While it seems a bit challenging and troublesome to exhume graves, this is indeed a necessity because it will offer a lot more space for the airport expansion.


Since this is a very large project, the expansion is set to be carried in multiple phases and it’s going to take quite a lot of time.


The total amount includes around 35000 muslim graves, 45500 chinese graves and so on. Some will actually be exhumed this year, in order to prepare for the process. The idea here is that most of these have already met the minimum burial period of around 15 years. The exhumation process will start this month, and it will continue as soon as possible.


The government agencies are trying to make this process as simple as possible and they also try to make the impact minimal if possible. Even the stakeholders that are affected have most likely been announced about this project. Even a bit of the Lim Chu Kang Road will be affected here.


But in the end, this is a very good project and one that can actually bring in front some distinct and unique experiences that most likely everyone will appreciate here. One thing is certain, the move is set to have some unexpected backlash, but the Tengah Air Base does need the expansion and the change is not going to take place immediately.


So yes, there’s a lot of time to prepare for it. The gradual changes are also bringing in a great way for this, since people can get the features and value that they need regardless of the situation. Hopefully there won’t be any problems with this expansion, although the staggered approach is indeed the best one to opt for.






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