Jurong Innovation District is about to witness 6 fresh additions

Any resident of Singapore, if asked to name one location that stands as the stalwart of advanced manufacturing in the country, the Jurong Innovation District will be the obvious answer. On October 22nd, Deputy PM, Mr Heng Swee Keat claimed that it is time now, it is almost time for the district to welcome 6 new members within the next three years whose calibre range from being recognized as research institutions and industry giants.

The 6 newcomers are American multinational Flowserve, German Conglomerate Siemens, the German Engineering firm Bosch Rexroth, ISDN- a control systems Specialist, the Agency for Science namely Technology and Research’s (A*Star) Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology and as well as the National Meteorology Center. This new collaboration will add another feather in Jurong Innovation District’s hat and allow it to step up in the game of technological innovations by practicing what it always preached; that is, collaborating the roles of distinct companies thereby, bringing together the different aspects of manufacture under a single platform.

The trade show for Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific trade show took place in the Singapore Expo, Mr. Heng emphasized on the fact that creating and maintaining an ideal environment that encourages and open doors for technological innovations are supremely important. This is primarily because SE Asia is still considered to be the manufacturing powerhouse despite the predictions of an unstable economy in the near future. He also brought it to the notice of the public that their Industry 4.0 has already seen the cropping up of new systems that assist the firms to neatly collect and efficiently analyze their data.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics allow the companies to make the most out of their supply chains, while the 3-D techniques are employed to fabricate the parts of their products with higher accuracy, cost-friendly and time-effective manner. However, even with the rising success of these technologies, its disruption too, has become serious thus reducing the support for global trade and granting bigger scopes of ambiguity. Mr.Heng is hoping that these new innovations being brought about in the industry will aid the companies to overcome this troublesome situation.

Mr. Heng accepts that for Asean to realize the potential, countries must pool in their efforts to bring together bigger organizations that will escalate the value of the region. Furthermore, Singapore also has plans of enhancing its Smart Industry Readiness Index that let the companies decide their means of start, scale and sustainability options. This will furnish grounds for inter-operatibility forming grounds for the companies to share data amongst themselves, even if they are situated across countries.

Transformation Centre specially for Advanced Manufacturing will soon be built by Siemens and this centre will execute the digital solutions and produce its first Additive Manufacturing Center outside Germany. Bosch Rexorth on the other hand, will be home to a regional training center in Jurong Innovation District to form a string of Industry 4.0 specialists for the entire industry. It will also aim at educating the manufacturers with applications that utilize new ways at the workplace. Mr. Heng announced that the 11 pre-existing companies will be signing the memorandum of understanding on skills with joint efforts from Bosch Rexorth, Singapore Polytechnic and SkillsFuture Singapore and JTC.


These 6 additions will be added to the 11 industries already there in Jurong Innovation District including PBA Group, McKinsey Digital Capability Center, Sodick Techno Center and Shimano. The primary phase of Jurong Innovation District is expected to be completed by 2022 with more than ninety-five thousand job opportunities in the vicinity.





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