Cycling Network At Punggol

Punggol Park Connector
Punggol Park Connector

Punggol, a beautiful town in Singapore, is the country’s seventh cycling town. The government of Singapore is planning for easy travelling in the town. These routes will help people reach their destination in less time. The environment of the city will be preserved by reducing car usage. Before Punggol, Government of Singapore has launched the cycling paths in six other cities which include Tampines, Pasir Ris, Taman Jurong, Yishun and Changi.

The cycling path in Punggol, which is 8.8 kilometers long, is launched on 30th October by MPs for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC Ng Chee Meng and Janil Puthucheary. This cycling path connects the residents to different areas which include Waterway Point mall, SAFRA Punggol and Punggol Park Connector. There is also a planned extension of this route which will allow people to reach Gardens of the Bay East by passing through Paris Ris and East Coast Park.


According to Mr. Ng, who is our Senior Minister of State for Transport, the government will play its part by improving the cycling infrastructure of the city and the people should facilitate each other in this process. He also added a point to the above discussion stating that additional caution and care must be taken by cyclists and users of personal mobility devices at all times to ensure safety of both riders and pedesterians in order for us to share our limited space safely.


The cycling path will facilitate a lot of people in Punggol by providing them with the safest and easiest path to travel. They can reach their destination in less time without using their cars. The increased use of cycles will help people stay healthy as well.


Parking Places:

The government of Singapore is planning to extend the parking places at different stations so people won’t face any kind of problem in parking their bicycles. Currently, the parking places are increased to 40 percent by the Land Transport Authority which makes it more than 300 parking plots. Other than that, different residential areas are also planned in a way that they can have more parking spaces. The Housing Development Board will be adding space for accommodating around 2400 bicycles at different blocks.


Future Plans:

According to Mr. Ng, an active mobility patrol scheme will be introduced in which the volunteers will conduct patrols. The agenda of these patrols will be the promotion of a shared culture. Another program will be launched in the constituency which will focus on safe cycling. The program will be carried out at different community centers, migrant worker dormitories and schools in the next year. The safe cycling program will teach some basics about cycling which will include a proper use of cycling infrastructure, the rules and codes of conduct.


The idea of making a cycling route in the city for the residents is a step forward in development. It will facilitate a lot of people by saving their time and making them healthier. This idea will support the vision of car-lite Singapore.





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