Smart Transport Alternatives for Accomplishing Car-Lite Singapore

Smart Transport Alternatives for Accomplishing Car-Lite Singapore

The government of Singapore is working very seriously on turning it into a “car-lite” nation. By 2030, the city is aiming to achieve this by starting the “Walk, Cycle, Ride” campaign, hoping that more locals with switch to public transport instead of driving their own vehicles.

Likewise, many commuters have also taken measures to stop using their cars as their COE (Certificate of Entitlement) will be expiring soon. Most of these commuters do not intend on getting a new ride afterward. as they have taken this decision owing to the other transportation options available to commute around town.


Construction and upgrading of infrastructure in the city are also carried out to facilitate walking and cycling. Several subway lines such as the new Downtown Line and future Thomson East Coast Line and Cross-Island Line are also added to the existing transport network bringing more convenience to commuters travelling around Singapore. Personal mobility devices are also getting more common as a transport tool for short distance travel.


The advantages of being vehicle-free include saving cost and stress on the time wasted during traffic jams and the daunting task of finding a parking space. On the other hand, for family who has children or older parents who are not mobile, having a car might be a better option.


The government’s hopes that more and more people in Singapore will require a lot more than attractive alternatives if the country rally wants to become less dependent on cars. However it is also important that good transport alternatives are provided. If the public is provided with cycling tracks, pedestrian footpaths and effective public transport, they might think twice before becoming an owner of a car.


Being a car-lite Singapore does not necessarily mean that our Nation is entirely removing the cars; it is more about using the existing resources wisely. One good example is via the car sharing club.



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