Two new collective sales are heating up the en-bloc fever


We are now in the middle of a massive collective sale fever, and things are taking an impressive, good turn. The benefit here is that the Jervois Garden, which is a condo of around 17 apartments located on the River Valley road is up for sale.


Jervois Garden is set to be sold for around $68 million. Sure, this may not seem like a very good price, but you have to understand that Jervois Garden is a rather small establishment. It can bring in a huge profit for the owners, and that goes to show the sheer value that can be received from the collective sales at this time. Whether it will happen or not, it’s hard to say, but considering the recent collective sale fever, the Jervois Garden sale price can end up being even higher.


This is not the only collective sale that will happen soon. Amber Park was created in the mid-1980s and it has 2 blocks with 27 stories each. They have a new site right near the current construction that is up for sale. If every estimation works or if this is surpassed, the owners may be able to get up to $768 million in total.


The thing that makes the Amber Park sale great is the fact that this is an area with a rather private residential enclave. It’s close to the airport and the business district, even reaching the beach is very easy too, so it goes to show that this establishment is close to just about anything.


There aren’t a lot of sites that have such a great proximity, and that’s what will most likely put a very high cost on the Amber Park sale. The thing to keep in mind is that this sale is already online, and if all goes well, it will most likely receive a whole lot of bids.


A ton of collective sales were made recently, so this collective sale fever is actually in full effect. The newer projects in the area are not selling at a very high price, but Amber Park will most likely end up with a very good sale price. The Jervois Gardens tender is closing on September 26. We will know by then if the sale will be a success. As for Amber Park, it’s hard to identify the overall sale price, but it will be a very high one, considering all the features offered here and the outstanding location!





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