Singapore Ranked as the Leading Maritime Capital Again

Singapore has again moved to the top rank as a World’s maritime capital. Singapore ranked on the first position in 3 groups, they are:

  • Logistics
  • Shipping


According to the Norwegian Consultancy, Singapore was ranked second for maritime technology. It was ranked fourth in law and finance. Previously, Singapore was in the fifth position in maritime technology. This movement upwards displayed efforts in research and technology.

The Norwegian consultancy took into account 24 objectives as indicators. Over 250 experts participated in their survey to determine the leading maritime capital. This is not the first time Singapore has been ranked first overall. In 2012 and 2015 surveys ranked Singapore as first as well.


Moreover, the report anticipated about the leading maritime capitals in coming 5 years. Most of the experts are of the view that Singapore will be a vital city. The reason is Singapore’s capability to manage the digital change in the maritime industry.


Furthermore, the reason Singapore was at the top in ports, logistics, and shipping is the strategic position. Singapore’s location is a focal point for trading activities and it has the 2nd largest port in the world.


Singapore was ranked 1st in the overall competitiveness and attractiveness as well. This is because of the easy custom procedure that makes doing business there easy.


In a report, it was found that 70% of experts voted Singapore among the 3 most attractive cities. They believe that Singapore is a great city to relocate their head offices. They regarded Singapore as ready to incorporate digitalization in the maritime industry.


Mr Tan who is the chief executive of Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore said this recognition will encourage them to work harder. They aim at making Singapore the maritime center of the world. Their initiative to make Singapore the maritime center contains leading the Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map. Their goal is to promote innovation and increase productivity. Along with this, they want the maritime workers to have some necessary set of skills. This will allow them to take batter jobs in future.


In Singapore, 2 new projects have been started. These projects will make sure the maritime industry is prepared for digital advancement. Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure said that they are making a single doorway. This will be used for getting port clearance by submitting documents. This was revealed in the inaugural ceremony of SEA Asia 2017. SEA is held every year with the support of Singapore Maritime Week.


Mr Khaw brought into light another project that focuses on an advanced national trade project. Under this project, everything will be connected from shippers to government agencies, port, and logistics players. He believes this project will strengthen the trade links, shipping, and eco-systems in Singapore. These programs will promote partnership among the supply chains. The digital age is changing the worldwide transportation and supply links. The boundaries between the e-commerce, shipping, and logistics are diminishing.






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