Sales of Condos Going Paperless

People that are connected to the real estate world will be happy to know that a fully digitized sales booking platform has been launched recently. It is designed with a motive to save unlimited sheets of paper that are otherwise wasted by property agents and developers to finalize the deal.


Showsuite is an advanced system that works by combing few latest technologies; the list includes 3D technology virtual reality and many other innovations as well. It can help to digitalize all the information related to unsold units, new projects so that buyers and agents can get an instantupdate about any property they find interesting around.

You will be surprised to know that developers and agents can now complete their deals through iPads as well. It means they can start processing property details on the go, from anywhere, at any time. The user interface for this software is quite interactive and can be accessed by any beginner as well. The process is somewhat like cinema ticket booking; it ensures smoother and convenient operation while reducing the average waiting time for the real estate sales.


The best thing to know about this latest technology is that it offers environment-friendlyprocessing. In general, the sales process of 750 units often consumes around 300,000 sheets of paper; this count includes the copies of documents that are required by different parties while processing the sale with the manualbooking system. This paper count destroys around 36 trees that arereally harmful to the environment. But with this latest system, now real estate professionals will also contribute to the protection of the environment while ensuring a safe future for mankind.


Park Colonial was the very first project that was processed with this latest digital booking system. This Woodleigh project is developed by KSH Holdings, Heeton Holdings, and CEL Development. By the month of August, around 100 sales were closed using Showsuite: the latest digital property booking system.


The general manager of the marketingdepartment at CEL Development recently revealed that it is possible to streamline the internal processes while boosting the productivity of the system via this digital booking engine. It is beneficial for both home buyers and agents as well. Professionals in the real estate industry are now delighted to have such an efficient and hi-tech system that can ease the whole processing while providing additional support to the environment protection. The upcoming sales in the area will be processed with this Showsuite only.


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Apart from Park Colonial,  Arena Residences is another freehold condo development that is also going paperless for their booking system.


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