New Technology Focused Master Plan to Improve Management and Efficiency of Trees at NParks

With the use of latest technologies by the Government, the maintenance and inspection of two million trees in Singapore parks, roads and gardens aregoing to be more efficient and rigorous in the upcoming 3 years. Considering one of the most common examples, the NParks or National Parks Board is testing an electronic tilt sensor that can help to detect leaning signs in mature trees. Note that this leaning can otherwise make the tree topple and unstable. But the sensor data can help the officers at NParks to take preventive measures to avoid the accidents.

It was just a small example of the multiple projects going on at NParks under digitalization master plan. However, professionals are also working on many other technologies to improve greenery management as well as nature conservation efforts in coming years. Another plan was recently announced at International Federation of Landscape Architects World Congress according to which NParks is going to consolidate its different technologies and research initiatives on one central database. This database is named as Dubbed Maven, andit will store essential details about park planning, tree information, facilities data, vegetation maps, biodiversity data and satellite maps. You will be happy to know that information uploaded tothis central database is accessible to NParks officers on mobile gadgets. Hence, they will be able to get all updates about gardens, parks, and trees on the go.


NParks are dedicated to usingthe latesttechnologies in three different areas including nature conservation and biodiversity management, nursery management, tree management and inspection. The last one also focuses on analytics and focusing. One project that is under development phase at NParks is a model that can help arborists to determine the maintenance requirements of trees including the estimation of force that is required for uprooting any plant. They are also working on a fleet management system that is designed with several sensor devices, global positioning system and video camera recorders installed on various vehicles that can be used by NPark contractors working on greenery management. These cameras are capable enough to record and live streamvideos so that managed can collect essential time-sensitiveinformation as per requirement. This technique will also help the staff to manage everything in the premises without doing the physicalverification. In one recent project, NParks also utilized lightweightdrones to monitor trees crowns from the air. It is believed that such advanced technologies will cut the manpower at work sites while ensuring better opportunities for risk management.