Landlords in Singapore are looking forward to a post-COVID-19 remake

Singaporeans love to buy properties rather than keeping money in banks. In the current era, banks are offering near-zero interest rates. Therefore, the better choice for Singapore investors is to own units in a trust that passes 90 percent of rental income. Banks are not so beneficial during this time.


REIT (real estate investment trust) is one of the most beneficial trusts that you will come across in Singapore. People are investing in real estate investment trust, causing a change in the Singapore Exchange rate. The question that arises is whether Remit has taken it too far?

It is a hard time for every individual and business firm with the prevailing Coronavirus pandemic. In the same manner, S-REITs have seen an explosive month due to the COVID-19. With the situation getting intense, Singapore-REITs faced sharp sell-off during March. However, with stabilization in the market, the trusts rallied.


Even though we are going through a crucial time, S-REITs is looking forward to getting positive results sooner. The trust intends to use the latest measures to bring flexibility in the flow of money and raise funds. With the help of new strategies, REITs have blossomed in the Asian financial center. The money here is in abundance, even when the land’s supply is short.


Many opportunities were on their way before the virus came. Due to the Coronavirus, it has become tough to decide whether it will have devastating effects on startup culture. The investors are curious to know about the revaluation that the government will do in the time of crisis. For instance, if people are reluctant to go out or the shopping complexes are non-operative, what will happen? Will there be the world’s craziest recession? What legal measures will the governments take to let the economy run efficiently?


In this contrast, the owners had got 100 percent property tax rebates when the virus first threatened tourism and travel businesses. However, some people could not get the full benefit. With the ongoing anger and struggle amongst tenants, Singapore passed a law in April. The act stated that commercial owners, including REITs, need to give tax remission and provide a moratorium (2) on the rent payment on request.


It has become a matter of concern for landlords in Singapore. Even when this tough time passes away, the tenants and landlords will have some friction. The governments are coming forward with some risk-sharing formulas. Landlords have seen a great ray of hope with this formula during the pandemic. The best way to move ahead will be to do things that will be in the tenant’s best interest.


However, the ongoing scenario shall pass, in the post-COVID-19 world, and profits will be on the way for Singapore REITs. People will need to drop down the cut-throat capitalism and develop a healthy relationship with the tenants. It will help the landlords and tenants improve their relationship. Also, both parties need to coordinate and understand each other to stabilize the economy together.


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