Increased in sales of landed homes

The total amount of landed homes is increasing at a very rapid pace, in fact we are witnessing the largest number of deals when compared to the first few months this year. If it continues, it may very well be the biggest number for the past few years too, which is very interesting.


According to property consultants, this surge comes from the residential market recovery. The landed property prices were a bit too high for the past few years. However, there’s a strong buying activity at this time, and the pent up demand is very good too.

There were 1513 landed properties sold until October this year, so around 50% more when compared to the same time period last year. Basically, there are some great benefits here and things only tend to get even better thanks to the numerous interesting deals you can obtain from something like this.


According to the sales data, the selling price went well over $5.1 billion in total, which was the total amount last year. The transaction figures are still intermediary, so the results can end up being even better and more interesting. It really goes to show the true power of landed properties and yes, the overall value as a whole can be really interesting this way.


Why does this matter? The market can be seen dwindling at times, but integrating this sort of features and benefits does tend to matter a lot. Plus, the properties are becoming really affordable and they are suitable for any market. They are particularly good for the top echelons, which is great for the overall market as well and you should consider that right away.


By analyzing the market, it’s pretty safe to say that the results can get even better as a whole. It’s always important to invest in something that matters to you, and landed properties can actually be a stellar investment at this point. The landed properties are slowly reaching a very high demand, which makes them widely sought after. Plus, the fact that many of these condos have shared facilities does lower the price quite a lot. As a whole, it’s safe to say that the market is only going to get better and that will definitely be very enjoyable in the end. At this time, it’s a very good idea to invest in landed properties, as they can deliver a resounding return on investment!




Below are some list of strata-landed/ landed homes in Singapore


New launch condo, Shunfu Condo will also has strata-landed houses in its development