In the near future Sembawang will be transformed into a real community hub

It is not a secret that those living in Sembawang prefer traveling to Yishun to get more affordable food or enjoy leisure activities like swimming. Well, in approximately two years, everything will change for the residents of Sembawang. In other words, the area is planned to be transformed into a modern community hub by the summer of 2020, which means that a wide range of facilities will become available. Thus, not in a very long while, Sembawang’s inhabitants will enjoy sports facilities, such as swimming pools, and a hawker center, just to name a few. The developments will occupy a 12ha area that will be conveniently located next to the Sembawang MRT station.

Not so long ago, a ceremony was held with the occasion of making this project public. Approximately 800 residents of the area attended this ceremony, celebrating the good news together with the officials that were there to provide more details. As Mr. Ong Ye Kung, the Minister of Education, said, this is a project that has been expected for quite a while. But, finally, the moment has come for it to be turned into reality as well. Other ministers were there as well, as a sign of support for the project that will change the lives of so many people for better. Speaking of the project, the costs are estimated to reach $1.5 billion. While the first sports facilities will be ready until June 2020, the project is conceived to last until 2030, so that, in the end, the residents of this hub will have access to a wide range of sports.


The main goal is to create sports centers that house more than just one sport under their roof. So, in comparison with a jogging track or a swimming facility, such a center will offer a wider sports offer. But, the center that will take the shape of a recreational park provides services that are meant to be relaxing as well, giving people a chance to connect in an enjoyable manner. Also, believe it or not, a fruit orchard and community garden will become available in the same place. As you can tell, everybody can contribute to the success of the garden, meaning that fresh fruits and vegetables will become readily available.


But, the authorities have other plans as well that will modernize Sembawang. For example, a senior care center and polyclinic will also be built here, and services that will be available to patient’s homes, in case of an older age or physical fragility, are among the improvements that will soon be available. Still, the Minister of Transport, Mr. Khaw Boon Wan said that, hopefully, the presence of a sports center will motivate people to opt for a healthier lifestyle, so that the polyclinic won’t have too much work to do. Also, he mentioned the fact that developers must meet some conditions, which include minimal tree cuttings so that the area remains green and limited parking area developments. Thus, Sembawang will remain a green community that will have much better facilities. Some of the community’s seniors said that they are eager to try the new swimming pools, as it easier for them to exercise by swimming, due to their joint fragility.

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