Home Improvement Programme for older HDB flats


The Singapore homes will be improved more and more as the government has undertaken the Home Improvement Programme (HIP). The old houses need time to repair and upgrade and that is why the HIP or Housing Improvement Programme was introduced in 2007. Now, under the extended HIP, the housing flats built between 1987 and 1997 are eligible for this programme. Around 230,000 housing flats built during these years will come under HIP.

As per the report of HDB on Feb 20 (Sunday), about 56,000 flats will be taken at the first phase and their upgrading work will start soon.

The HDB also has asked to vote to about two thirds of the affected flats whether they want to proceed with HIP or not. It has been found that about 75% of eligible households are voting in favor of HIP only.

The blocks will be eligible for this programme only if at least 75% of the blocks eligible households made by citizens of Singapore have voted for it.

The HIP was launched in 2007 and the first batch was having around 320,000 flats for upgrading. The work is almost completed.

The present batch is consisting about 230,000 flats out of those 56,000 units are identified for extended HIP but the time frame is not mentioned by HDB as yet.


What will come under this scheme?

The government will bear the followings under this scheme:

  1. Full costs of repairing structural cracks.
  2. Replacement of piping for waste of soil discharge
  3. Upgrading the electrical loads

The flat owners can further ask for upgrading their toilets, door, grill gates, etc. Depending on their flat type, the government will pay between 5 to 12.5 percent for these upgrades.

The HIP also gives special services for senior citizens. They can opt for elderly-friendly fittings like ramps, grab bars, slip-resistant treatments to toilet floor tiles, etc. This programme is called EASE. To apply for EASE, the following criteria should fulfill:

  1. Households must have family members aged above 65.
  2. The age varies from 60 to 64 and requires help for at least one of the activities of daily living.
  3. Seniors living in blocks, not qualified for HIP can directly apply for EASE to HDB.

As of March 31, 2020, the government has spent about $90 million on EASE.

Since its introduction in December 2018, more than 1,770 households with multistep entrances got ramps installed under this programme. Senior citizens now find it easier and more convenient to move in and out of their houses and they are quite happy and satisfied with this programme.

HIP is very much needed programme and every citizen of Singapore should opt for it as under this programme they are getting full support from the government for maintaining their property without any problem. It may take a little longer some time but still, it is a necessity and thus everyone should opt for it. Please check your eligibility before applying.



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