First Tengah flats to be launched in November

The latest news that has broke right now is that the first flats in the Tengah town will be launched in November. It will be a huge offering of around 1500 units with different flat types, according to Lawrence Wong, the Minister for National Development. They are supporting the idea of having Tengah flats, and it’s actually a good option to consider here.

The plan is to create a large Tengah town with around 700 hectares. It will be pedestrian friendly and it will also have a town center without cars. The premise here is a nice one, and it really goes to show the tremendous value and great opportunities. They also want to add lots of biodiversity and greenery in there, which is easy to understand why.

Of course, there will be some stations in there too. The future stations will be Hong Kah, Tengah, Tengah plantation and Tengah park. These will still need around 8-9 years to be open, so we are ways off here. The masterplan is great, but there’s a ton of work to do there. They plan to create no less than 42000 homes, not to mention that there will be public housing in more than 70% of all those units. There will also be multiple districts. 5 in total, which include Forest Hill, Brickland, Garden, park and plantation.

All of these will bring in front the town identity you would expect. It’s nice to see that they bank on an eco friendly architecture, as that sounds quite nice and it does fit the idea that other companies tried to pitch here. The green areas in cities tend to be amazing, and here there’s no exception. Tengah’s location is great and it does provide quite a lot of greenery. Whether that will be integrated and adapted adequately, that’s really hard to say. But the return on investment can be huge here.

The authorities are also known to conduct environmental studies for each area. The current findings are not on the market, but it’s safe to say that the Tengah flats will soon become a great place to live in. For now it’s just a tremendous idea. But it can become something a lot more powerful and better than ever before. It’s certainly an ideal thing to consider, especially if you want to be a part of a green and healthy city!



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