Finding the Best Real Estate Agent Has Now Become Easy With RealHome

An outstanding property app was introduced by Desmond Lee, Second Minister for National Development. This app was designed with the purpose of enhancing the transaction services in the real estate industry. The RealHome app will be available for free on both Play Store and App Store.

RealHome is the perfect solution for contacting top real estate agents. This app is developed to make it easy to find experienced and qualified real estate agents. This app is headed by PropNex Realty, Huttons Asia, and ERA Realty with the aim to boost the standards of the real estate industry. Through this app, the customers may be able to review and rate agents. In order to provide authentic information to the users, the review will contain details such as the type of transaction and concise address of the property.

On 12th March, the beta version of the app was launched and its full version is scheduled to launch after a month. There will be more features available in the full version of the app. The users will be able to explore property listings and check the scheduled viewings.

According to the CEO of Huttons Asia, the positive ratings and reviews will reward the agent who performed exceptionally well. With the help of this feature, the agents will put in their best efforts to get excellent reviews. This is an ideal way to increase professionalism, transparency, and efficiency in the industry.

According to the Minister, there has been a rapid increase in the online property related portals. With the emergence of these portals transaction services has been disturbed. Mr. Lee said that innovation is the key to bringing a change in the industry. The property agencies in Singapore must search for creative ways to offer value to customers.


Property Reports App For Agents

RealAgent app was launched by these 3 agencies for real estate agents. This app will make it convenient to handle the online platforms. It enables the agents to receive actual transaction data and up-to-date reports for all the properties, be it HDB listings, resale condo or new launch condo listings .
The aim of this app is to overcome the problems faced by the real estate agents. Some of the challenges experienced by agents include lack of access to the market and high advertising costs.

The agents have to subscribe to various portals for their business. Subscribing to a leading portal costs an arm and a leg for the agent. The agents had to spend plenty of money in order to be successful, sometimes they have to spend $10,000 for boosting purposes. In order to benefit the agents in Singapore, RealAgent app will be free for a year. After a year, the app will have reasonable subscription rates.

Mr. Lee stated that they aim to provide a portal for the agents where the details of the customers will be automatically verified. For instance, whether or not the seller is the legal owner of the property. This will bring innovation to the industry and will enable the agents to be more productive.






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