Finding a Home for the Wildlife

The authorities have united their powers to ensure that the animals are transferred to a safe place. It has been done to protect the wildlife from the effects of the development of forest town in Singapore.


The very first forest town in Singapore is going to be built in Tengah that is a secondary forest. So it is time to protect the animals living there and help them find a new home. The life of the animals is important and this is the reason that the government is trying to move them to an adjacent green area. Mr Desmond Lee who is the Senior Minister of State for National Development, announced this in the Parliament.

Tengah - The Forest Town
Tengah – The Forest Town (Credit : MND)

Finding a home

The housing board (HDB) will conduct a proper research to understand the:

  • Hydrology
  • Topography
  • Flora


It is important to ensure that the wildlife will easily adjust to their new home. The authorities have declared that they will accomplish the ensure study in the first year.


There will be perfect plans for the wildlife in the area as well but it is important that now they are shifted to a new place. Most were surprised to find out that special work in being done to take the wildlife out of Tengah so that it will not be harmed. They are not losing their home as they will be shifted to a new one.


The mission behind it is to ensure that the requirement of humans to accommodate will not damage the animal life. Many of the authorities are keen to help in finding the perfect place and they are waiting for the results of the research to come.

The forest town

Once the wildlife is safely shifted, it has been announced that the first flats in Tengah will be introduced in 2018. Their location will be


It will be a properly developed town with public housing schemes of 30000 units and private housing schemes of 12000 units. There are 42000 homes in the town.


There is a 30 Ha plot that was allotted for the private housing but now it has been cleared. This is the place where the animals will be shifted to ensure that they will feel like home. Many birds that were near to extinction were found in the hidden area of Tengah and so in order to protect them such steps are taken, it is our duty to protect the wildlife and instead, we are destroying it.


We all know that for the balance of nature the presence of wildlife is very important otherwise destruction will be uncontrollable. It is important that the authorities and developers around the globe should take such kind of steps so that the animals can be protected from extinction and the earth could be saved.



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