Buyers snap up 70 units at Le Quest Phase Two launch on Saturday

Le Quest Phase Two launched recently and the thing to note here is that this sold around 70 units during the next day. The Qingjian company offered around 115 units for sale in total and they did end up selling around 80 of them until the end of the week.

No matter if it’s a record or not, it goes to show that the Le Quest Phase Two project comes with a lot of promise. And that is a very good thing, because it brings a lot of value to people and it offers great location, plenty of space and other great feature.


The developers are not in a rush to release the other units right now. The average psf was $1380, so it’s clear that there will be a continual demand for this. Which is why it makes a lot of sense for them to not release this as fast as others would.

Le Quest Phase Two has 516 units and these vary from a single bedroom to 4 bedrooms. In addition, they are also bringing in a childcare center as well as a supermarket and retail outlets. The prices are indeed quite steep even for the 1-2 bedroom units as those start at S$703000. It’s easy to see that the larger units will sell for a lot more, but only time can tell whether and when/if that will happen in any capacity.
But even the Le Quest Phase Two prices were a bit higher than expected, buyers still went ahead and got the units they wanted. This is very promising for them, and it does come with a whole lot of great features and ideas in the end.

The Le Quest Phase Two units were particularly created with the idea of mixing things in. There are a multitude of people that want to purchase this type of units, so it does make a lot of sense to opt for something distinct and also different that will suit everyone.

Le Quest will most likely receive the TOP until the end of 2021. The company behind Le Quest is also trying to launch a new project already. That project is named JadeScape, a very important and distinct project that seems very promising. Buyers are always looking for a great living value and connectivity, which is why it does make sense to see Le Quest Phase Two sell so well!




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