Eunosville may make way for 1,399 new homes

The collection of sales made over here in the market is striving to steer ahead along with potential sales of private organisations for a sum of $765 million, estate Eunosville. This could be one of the 2nd highest price being imposed for a property like this.


Eunosville, which consists of 330 units, which is being built in the late 1980’s could expand to having around 1,399 units altogether with the new project proposal brought up.


Surprisingly the particular site has been given away or else been bought by a Jardine Matheson holding unit, land MCL at a ridiculous price which was not made to be expected at all.


This has been one of the 4th most successful sale within this year in spite working on to recover developer’s residential property optimism.


The highest achieved sale which stands in second place is Eunosville, which is situated nearby the MRT station of Eunos. After it was sold by Farrer Court for a sum of $1.34billion in the year 2007,   stated by Orangetee marketing agents. It Was Indeed the second try of the estates after the unsuccessful result of a bid in 2013.


More than 17 percent stands as the premium which the owners had insisted in having for $643 million towards $653 million.


Constant rise in market improvements are also seen in sales for primary homes, which makes developers to start creating strategic level acquisitions over land in order to create a position for them self towards a recovery in the current market.


Eight potential bidders were attracted towards competitive market bids over the area between Changi road and Sims Avenue. This was for the tender of 376,713 sq. Stated by Mr.Oh to the Straits Times.


In a whole with all inclusive of government extra charges being added, the cost accumulates to an amount of $909 per Square feet for a single plot. The state accepts these payables in order to intensify the use of land to a gross amount ratio of 2.8 along with adding up a lease to 99years freshly.


As mentioned before that this project was built in the late years of 1980’s, 71 years have been laid on as the lease. Towards six complete residential blocks and also four complete walk by apartment plots which includes 75 units.


OrangeTee stated that each and every owner will possess the right of getting about $2.25million to about $2.41million towards completing the deal which is subjected to a particular sales condition.


One of the resident named Mr Ben Ong, who has been a loyal resident of Eunosville for the last 17 years is in a very sentimental condition about leaving although he is aware and identifies that the old structure is now in need of renovation.


It is indeed a very sad situation said Mr. Ben Ong. As this is the place where they brought up their children and not forgetting to mention that, the location is so convenient for them as well. Therefore for the resident, he may want to purchase an apartment unit here after the new structure is put up in the near future.


CBRE consultancy office stated that the newly completed units will be put out for sale for an average sum of $1,700 to almost $1,750 per single square feet.


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