Rochor Centre ready to be torn down in 2018

The multicolored blocks in the Rochor Centre area will be removed very soon, and it seems that the new expressway set to be created here will be completed in 2026. The idea here is that the LTA awarded the Aik Sun Demolition and Engineering around $1.81million to complete the demolition as well as the reinstatement of the Rochor Centre buildings.


LTA is set to use the standard code of practice when it comes to demolition. Many studies are taken into account now to ensure that the process is safe, that there is no structure damage for the buildings nearby and so on. Even environmental issues are taken into account. The focus here is on making sure that buildings are created adequately and with some very good results.

Apparently, the process will take quite a lot of time, and it’s currently set to take at least 6 months. Obviously, this is a very taxing procedure and you have to measure many times before you complete it once. That’s why investing in an adequate manner is a crucial aspect here, and if you don’t do that you may not be able to get the experience you need.


The conventional method uses excavators, concrete breakers and crushers that hack away from the top to the bottom. But completing that in the Rochor Centre case will be very challenging, and that’s why it does tend to require quite a lot of time to complete such a task. It’s definitely not going to be a walk in the park, but it will offer some tremendous capabilities and features in the end.


The contractor has to submit the plans to the Building and Construction Authority. The plumbing, furnishings and cabling need to be removed beforehand too, mostly due to recycling purposes. And whether you like it or not, dust and noise will still affect the surrounding properties.


But that’s all the damage to the surrounding region. The entire process is focused on making sure that everything is handled with the utmost attention to detail and value. It’s certainly going to be very challenging to complete something like this adequately, but that’s where the need for a good demolition plan comes into play.


There are multiple major companies in the region and lots of residential properties too. So, making the right studies and ensuring that the Rochor Centre is taken down the right way is a priority for sure. It’s definitely going to take quite a bit of time to complete this adequately, which is exactly why you need to keep this sort of thing in mind.


Overall, it’s sad to see a building like this go. But then again, modernization is quite an amazing thing and it can bring in front some amazing things to the table. It’s hard to say how much this will end up growing in the end, but the outcome will still be second to none for sure. So, you have to take all of that into account and adapt it according to your needs in such a situation. But in the end, taking the Rochor Centre is a tremendous, tasking job and one that will most likely end up being a pivotal one!



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