New homes in The Central Business District of Singapore

To ensure that the CBD area of Singapore is not solely a district used for work and business, the government has made plans to bring in more homes to the business district, creating a live, work and play environment. This was part of the CBD Scheme announced by Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development during the launching of the Draft Master Plan. There will be plans for some 2000 private apartments in the Marina South area.

According to the CBD Scheme, office buildings which are 20 years or older or underwent a refurbishment more than 2 decades ago might be granted a higher gross plot ratio when the Official Masterplan is published later part of 2019. The increased in plot ratio could simply range between 25% to 30%. The adjusted plot ratio encourages developers to convert the older office buildings into newer developments such as hotels or even private condominiums.


As population of Singapore increases over the year, the authorities look forward to seeing a different side of the CBD area after the office hours. They hope to add more vibrancy and life to this major business node with lifestyle cafes, restaurants and even boutique gyms as well. The areas that will benefit for the scheme include Shenton Way, Cecil Street, Anson Road, Robinson area and Tanjong Pagar as well.

With more residential areas in the central business district, work will also be much closer to home. This will reduce the travel distance and time for people are looking to stay near their workplace.

Both new public housing and private apartments will also be increased in areas such as Downtown, Rochor districts and mature towns such as East Coast and Dakota Crescent. New residential homes will also be made available in areas that are at the city fringe such as Farrer Park. The sport’s heritage in the town such as its iconic swimming pool and for boxing gymnasium will also be maintained. This is to ensure residents will get to bond more with each other through these communal facilities.

Further details such as the exact number of new homes and their location sites will be revealed soon.



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